NetApp announced a new version of SnapCenter®, version 3.0, in June, and we have now released SnapCenter 3.0 to the public. NetApp® SnapCenter software provides a simple, centralized, scalable, end-to-end data protection and in-place copy data management solution for enterprise data on the premises or in a hybrid cloud. SnapCenter leverages NetApp Snapshot, SnapRestore®, FlexClone®, SnapMirror®, and SnapVault® technologies to provide fast, space-efficient, application-consistent, disk-based backups; rapid, granular restore and application-consistent recovery; and quick, space-efficient cloning. SnapCenter provides fast, efficient replication from any ONTAP primary storage to secondary NetApp storage, including:


NetApp SnapCenter software includes both the SnapCenter Server and individual lightweight plug-ins to protect various applications, databases, file systems, virtual machines (VMs), and NAS file services. (See Figure 1.) Using SnapCenter, you can automate deployment of plug-ins to remote application hosts, and you can schedule and monitor backup, verification, restore, and clone operations. SnapCenter also provides role-based access control (RBAC) and supports multitenancy.

Figure 1) NetApp SnapCenter Server

What’s New in SnapCenter 3.0

SnapCenter 3.0 comes with a host of new features:


  • SnapCenter Plug-In for VMware vSphere. Back up and restore VMware VMs and traditional datastores from VMware vCenter:
    • Deployment and management simplicity for VMware administrators
    • Policy-based backup management for VMs and datastores
    • Ability to restore consistent VM or Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) backups from SnapMirror or SnapVault destinations
    • Ability to protect individual VMs, datastores, or both together as a resource group
    • Ability to mount entire datastores or individual VMDK backups for manual file-level restore and verification
    • Integration with vCenter RBAC for granular control
    • Ability to scale protection up to 10,000 VMs per instance or greater with linked-mode support
    • Support for migration of Virtual Storage Console (VSC) backup policies and backups created using prior versions of SnapCenter to now be managed by the enhanced SnapCenter Plug-In for VMware vSphere
  • SnapCenter Plug-In for NAS File Services. Efficiently manage backup and recovery for NAS files, including simple file search and recovery:
    • Built-in predefined backup policy that enables automated protection from a NetApp ONTAP primary storage system to an ONTAP secondary SnapMirror vault destination (This topology does not require NetApp AltaVault.)
    • Ability to restore a directory to the original or an alternate location with access control list (ACL) support
    • Ability to restore a single file to the original or an alternate location with ACL support
    • Ability to modify a policy
    • Ability to remove protection for a volume
    • Support for NetApp All Flash FAS as a secondary destination
  • SnapCenter Plug-In for SAP HANA Database. This new plug-in provides data protection for SAP HANA databases across the Data Fabric:
    • Application-consistent backup support for single-container and Multitenant Database Container (MDC) single-tenant databases
    • Catalog management for all backups
    • Database recovery through HANA Studio
    • Support for database integrity check and file backup
    • Support for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS1 release
  • SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle Database. Enhancements include:
    • In-place restore support, enabling faster restore time to help meet tight recovery time objectives
  • SnapCenter Server. Enhancements include:
    • High-availability support for the built-in SnapCenter metadata repository database introduced in version 2.0
    • Automatic seamless migration of SnapCenter metadata from prior SnapCenter metadata repositories (Microsoft SQL Server Express edition or an external Microsoft SQL Server database) to the built-in MySQL repository database during upgrade to SnapCenter 3.0
    • Enhanced installer with built-in preinstall checks and support for custom locations and ports
    • Revamped presentation of the getting started information in the SnapCenter graphical user interface, allowing simultaneous access to SnapCenter screens and the Get Started pane
    • Enforcement of SnapCenter licenses with the ability to set capacity usage thresholds and a new dashboard chart displaying license usage

Plug-Ins in SnapCenter 3.0

NetApp SnapCenter offers deep integration with leading enterprise applications to facilitate application-consistent backup and clone management. Plug-ins can also be created using our custom plug-in feature to support custom applications or to facilitate support for an expanded application set with community support. Community-supported plug-ins are available in the NetApp Toolchest and will be available soon on


Plug-ins supported by NetApp include:

Community-supported plug-ins include:

For more information about SnapCenter, check out the SnapCenter Resources page at or the Storage Management and Data Protection Documentation Center.


To evaluate SnapCenter today, contact your NetApp sales representative.

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