NetApp® OnCommand® System Manager 9.2 can help simplify setup and expansion of your ONTAP® system.


A few years ago, NetApp introduced ONTAP for the clustered environment and set the goal to drive simplicity in data and storage management tools. OnCommand System Manager is a simple and powerful management tool included with ONTAP. System Manager has come a long way from being just a tool to create and manage storage objects. Now it is an elaborate ONTAP storage management tool that can set up an ONTAP system, enable you to add new nodes to your ONTAP system, provide an actionable dashboard, and much more.


System Manager Guided Cluster Setup

System Manager simplified ONTAP setup by introducing a guided cluster setup workflow with ONTAP 9.1. This workflow simplified setup to such an extent that even an IT generalist could set up an ONTAP cluster in a few clicks. This simplification was made possible by incorporating NetApp best practices as part of the guided setup workflow and having the user provide inputs for fields such as cluster name, credentials, and IP addresses for management and event notification.


With ONTAP 9.2, System Manager has enhanced this guided setup workflow while still adhering to simplicity guidelines. These guidelines include recommendations about storage layouts for data aggregates and enabling data protocols such as CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FCP, and so on.


You can also export these configuration layouts to be used as templates, which can be reused to deploy new ONTAP systems in the customer’s environment.


Going beyond ONTAP setup, System Manager also provides storage provisioning templates for deploying different applications such as NAS datastores for virtual infrastructure, Oracle, and other workloads. For more information, watch this YouTube video: “Software configuration for vSphere NAS datastores for FAS/AFF systems running ONTAP 9.2.”



ONTAP System Expansion

A new business requirement in an enterprise might require new applications to be deployed. This requirement, in turn, means that your existing IT infrastructure needs to be expanded. System Manager 9.2 provides the ability to add new nodes to an existing ONTAP system. System Manager automatically detects these new nodes and prompts you to launch a cluster expansion workflow. New node names and node management IP addresses are the only inputs required to expand your ONTAP system. For more information, watch this YouTube video: “Cluster expansion in OnCommand System Manager 9.2.”



Simplicity is at the core of the NetApp value proposition, and System Manager makes sure ONTAP systems can be up and running in a few clicks. This ability makes sure that enterprises can start deploying their applications on storage systems right from day zero and address their business requirements.


More Information

To experience the ease of setting up or expanding your ONTAP system using System Manager, we recommend that you watch these guided cluster setup and cluster expansion demonstration videos.


For more information, log on to and access ONTAP Management Using System Manager. For additional details about System Manager capabilities, you can also contact Yuvaraju, Mahalakshmi, or Sudhindra.

Yuvaraju Balaraman

Yuvaraju Balaraman is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for the manageability products and solutions group at NetApp. He has good understanding of Management and Data Protection Solutions. Prior to NetApp, Yuvaraju has worked at Hewlett Packard and a partner as a backup and storage solutions consultant.

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