Backup and disaster recovery are very popular workloads for cloud services. In addition, storage pricing offered by large cloud providers is becoming more and more attractive:



What could be more appealing than moving backup/archiving and DR into the cloud? For most businesses both tasks are a must, but also very time-consuming and binding resources that could better be used elsewhere. By using cloud services, you can free up valuable IT resources and use them for profitable projects. There are, however, several aspects to consider:

– What are my service levels regarding RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective)?
– What about data security?
– Is there a simple way to integrate BaaS or a Cloud Gateway into the existing infrastructure?

One possible solution is using AltaVault as a cloud-integrated Backup Appliance. It is compatible with all storage systems and most of the backup software vendors. You can add it to your existing infrastructure without needing to make any changes. Thanks to the intelligent local caching, the restore process is approx. 30 times faster than from a tape. The backup data is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted before it is migrated to the cloud.


If you want to get rid of backup management entirely, BaaS is a good choice. NetApp has introduced a certified BaaS offering (available e.g. in Germany) including a rapidly growing number of partners that are able to implement this solution in your datacenter.

Another option, especially for the DR use case, is Cloud OnTap or NetApp Private Storage (NPS). Why should I operate a second datacenter location with fully equipped IT only for the worst-case scenario that possibly never happens? With Cloud OnTap you can transfer your data directly from your local NetApp system into the Amazon Cloud (we are currently also working on Cloud OnTap for Azure). This replicated data can then, of course, be used for more than just DR. Using our proven Cloning technology, you can provide very easy and controlled access to this data, e.g. to your developers. This combination of having the flexibility and scalability of the Amazon cloud and always the latest copies of production data available for your Dev/Test team definitely is the dream of every software developer. Furthermore, the IT department is always in control of the data to ensure data protection and to avoid any shadow IT.

If, despite encryption and other security features, transferring your data to the Amazon cloud is not an alternative for you, you can use the NPS concept to bring your data very close to the cloud. This solution allows you to use Amazon or Azure and also, for example, IBM SoftLayer or a local Service Provider. In addition, you can very quickly switch from one cloud provider to another and realize cloud-to-cloud failover scenarios, bringing you the TRUE hybrid cloud.


From the Product, Solutions and Alliances Marketing EMEA team