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Learn more about Element X, SF9605, and grab a sought-after pair of SolidFire socks at Booth 656, Cloud Expo Europe!

Cloud Expo Europe has a special place in my heart. It was at CEE 2013 where I met the SolidFire team and had my first SolidFire demo. Soon afterward, I signed the contract and made the move to SolidFire as international employee number 3.

“I liked it so much I joined the company!”

Twelve months later, CEE 2014 was the first tradeshow our international team attended. The perks of young company life meant printing the fliers myself, buying the prizes, and ensuring we had the slideware on the stand. All great fun. Now that we’ve grown, people do this for us and do a much better job of it. See further down for details!

What did I see in SolidFire that was unique? After five years of architecting large-scale service provider storage deployments, I noticed that two fundamental issues always persisted: unpredictable performance and lack of Quality of Service (QoS).

During my time in storage pre-sales, I learned that without a storage platform that offered predictable performance, architects requested more disk space and controllers than they typically needed. This is necessary to deal with situations like “noisy neighbors” and controller failover.

For a customer, it means answering questions such as “How many more customers can I fit on this array?” and “How do customers get the same performance Day 1 as they will Day 365?”

QoS answers these fundamental storage challenges. Our platform is uniquely engineered to be predictable “under fire.” It makes life as a pre-sales guy easy when designing solutions and upgrades. Product managers can build new differentiated services with our “Fueled By” program. As a service provider customer using SolidFire, you can be sure of predictable experience, every single  day.

Let’s Talk!

Dave Wright, during our Analyst Day last week, reviewed the four key models of infrastructure consumption that SolidFire addresses today. Now hyperscale customers with their own supply chains can buy our great software and put it on their prevalidated stack with our “Element X” Program.

So come and talk to us about all that and more, including FlashForward and our new SF9605 all-flash array. Schedule a meeting. Pick up our USB stick and grab a ticket for our happy hour at Aloft at 5:30 Wednesday evening.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget your socks.

Where: ExCeL London, Booth 656

When: March 11th & 12th

Andy Roberts