Since getting involved in the Apache CloudStack community with the 4.2 release, we have focused on driving critical enhancements to the CloudStack storage framework. With Citrix’s GA release of CloudPlatform 4.3 today, I wanted to take a moment below to point out some of the key storage-related features in this release.

Highlights of today’s announcement include:

  • Extended Hypervisor Coverage: With the addition of KVM as a supported hypervisor for dynamic data disk provisioning, CloudStack now supports dynamic provisioning with all three of the major hypervisors used in CloudStack deployments: XenServer, ESX and KVM.
  • Support for hypervisor snapshots: With this new feature in 4.3, when an administrator dynamically provisions a data disk in CloudPlatform, they can also allocate storage capacity to accommodate hypervisor snapshots. Additional benefits can be realized from this feature when using a storage system like SolidFire that can thinly provision the snapshot storage capacity.
  • Virtual Desktop Support: Through the native integration of the XenDesktop 7.5 release (which we blogged about here) with CloudPlatform 4.3, customers can now can deploy, flex and manage their XenDesktop virtual desktop infrastructure from within CloudPlatform. Leveraging SolidFire’s Citrix Ready storage system in this environment, customers can confidently support the storage demands of a virtual desktop infrastructure in a multi-tenant or multi-application environment.

To learn more about the new 4.3 functionality and what cool things are planned for 4.4 (hint: we are working on some major advances in the CloudStack storage framework), come hang with us at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Denver, April 9-11th. I will also be presenting at the conference on Friday morning: Key Design Considerations For Your Cloud Storage. I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.


Mike Tutkowski

Mike Tutkowski is a Senior CloudStack Developer at SolidFire. Mike develops software for the Apache Software Foundation's CloudStack project. He is an expert in CloudStack storage, member of the Project Management Committee for the Apache CloudStack project, and plays a critical role in developing and expanding SolidFire’s integration with CloudStack.