Today’s IT organizations are often faced with the challenges of offering services that are easy to consume, that scale up or down with business needs, and that evolve quickly as the organization evolves. A modern IT infrastructure that easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure enables the flexibility to do that.


NetApp has tested NetApp® SolidFire® and AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage, to provide a highly flexible and scalable solution. Organizations can benefit from the scale-out capacity and predictable performance features of SolidFire, and the open infrastructure and cloud economics of AltaVault.


The NetApp Solution

The tested solution includes SolidFire and AltaVault, with Veritas NetBackup as the enterprise backup application, and with NetApp StorageGRID Webscale as the private cloud solution.


SolidFire & AltaVault.jpg


The SolidFire all-flash cluster provided iSCSI LUNs to Windows 2008 R2 Servers. By using NetBackup as the backup software, NetApp was able to leverage the AltaVault OpenStorage (OST) integration.  AltaVault was then configured to replicate data to StorageGRID Webscale.


For an in-depth look at the AltaVault and SolidFire solution, read the following technical report, “SolidFire and AltaVault Back Up SolidFire Storage to the Cloud by Using AltaVault.”

Marie Burke

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