As the social media manager at SolidFire, I observe everything said to and about our brand. 2015 was a great year for SolidFire for several reasons, but in this post, I will dive into the five moments that put the biggest smile on my face as I kept watch over the voices of our community.

5. It’s all about the socks!

Whether acquired from our awesome claw machine or just at a local VMUG, SolidFire socks make feet happy. Every week, I see new posts from people expressing their joy (or envy) over our stylish red footwear.

12.31_yeblog1.jpg clawtopview.jpg

4. Take a ride on the SolidFire bike!

The only giveaway we have ever had that generated more buzz than our socks was the limited production of SolidFire bikes! We still have one that we ride around the office when we need a little perspiration and inspiration. Thanks to Derek for making the video for us:

3. Cards against what???

When our expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity (CAH) hit the industry there was only one response: “OMG, this is amazing. How do I get mine!” We had a ton of fun creating the cards and continue to have fun seeing them in action.

12.31_yeblog5.jpg 12.31_yeblog4.jpg

2. ROCKETS!!!!

During our keynote at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver this year we decided it would be a great idea to give attendees a survey on a sticker, invite them to attach their survey to a foam rocket, and then launch it directly at our CEO on stage.

Needless to say we are thankful Dave had his riot shield, and everyone had a great time participating. Fun fact: After the event, we really did collect all the surveys and tally the data by hand.

1. We <3 you too.

The continuous outpouring of support and kind words we get about our company, our technology, and our people is overwhelming and genuinely appreciated. Thank you all, and we will keep doing our best at giving you a fun awesome company to work and collaborate with.

12.31_yeblog2.jpg 12.31_yeblog3.jpg

Happy holidays to all, and cheers to an even better 2016!
-Mike (1andonlymiket)


Mike Turner

Mike Turner is an influence marketing manager and social media strategist located in RTP North Carolina. A Mike of all trades and master of none, he has worked in the fields of auto maintenance, sales, IT, marketing, operations, and communications. If he is not riding a bike or playing with new tech you can find him on twitter @1andonlymiket.