As a technology leader in the healthcare industry, delivering excellence in patient care is my number one priority with an overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient experience, patient satisfaction and patient safety. It’s a shared goal of patients, insurance providers, and government entities alike, and well-implemented modern technologies are essential to meeting this goal.


When I was deciding who to vote for as this year’s Innovation Award winner, I was looking for an organization that made patient care, patient experience, patient satisfaction, technology, and innovation its top priorities. Solis Mammography is saving lives with data, and their developments are improving the continuity of care and the quality of life for patients.


One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and early detection is vital to increasing the chance of survival. Solis Mammography is the largest independent provider of breast imaging services in the United States. They are leading the charge to make 3D mammography, the most advanced breast imaging technology, available to more women, and to establish it as the standard for both screening and diagnostic mammograms. 3D imaging technology is 54% more accurate than 2D mammography, allowing radiologists to detect the earliest signs of problems, abnormalities so small that they would be completely invisible in traditional mammograms. The result is that these specially trained physicians detect breast cancer earlier. Early detection means that women who may have had to endure a radical mastectomy (a painful and traumatic surgery involving the removal of the breast, chest muscle tissue, and the lymph nodes) in the past, can potentially be treated with less-invasive measures, perhaps early enough that a needle biopsy is sufficient to remove microcalcification or a small mass.


We have entered the “era-of-scale” in which the number of images and the amount of data being captured, stored, and processed by healthcare organizations is breaking down every architectural construct in the storage industry today. This evolution of healthcare technology is saving more patient lives and diminishing human suffering more than any time in history. Together with NetApp All Flash FAS, Solis Mammography has optimized its infrastructure, driving down cost and increasing access to exceptional preventative care, making 3D mammograms affordable and available to women from every demographic.


These technological developments have had an amazingly positive impact on the healthcare industry. Read their story and watch the video to see for yourself. Thirty years into the company’s history, Solis Mammography continues to save lives through technological advances and innovation, and I wish them every success with this nomination. I encourage you to view all of this year’s finalists for the NetApp Innovation Award, and cast your vote for the most compelling story.


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Michael Archuleta

Michael Archuleta is the CIO at Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado. Recognized as a Top Hospital and Health System CIO to know and named a Rising Star in healthcare, Michael is a cutting-edge, innovative, visionary leader. Michael currently serves on the board of directors for The Neural Network, a CXO advisory board facilitated by NetApp. He is a Healthcare Ambassador for Fujitsu of America and a past Board of Director for the Colorado HIMSS Chapter. He is also an active member of CHIME, a cyber security advisor to a healthcare startup company, and an active speaker within the field of HIT.

In his current role, Michael oversees all aspects of the ITS Department at Mt. San Rafael Hospital and has led major organizational transformations. During Michael’s time serving as CIO, he has led and designed the hospital’s first data center while adding virtualization efforts that reduced costs by 56% and improved uptime from 59% to 99%.

Under Michael’s guidance and leadership, Mt. San Rafael Hospital has also been presented the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Healthcare’s Most Wired Award, given annually to the top hospitals in the country making the most progress in the adoption of HIT.

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