Visit SolidFire in Booth C615 at WorldHostingDays
Visit SolidFire in Booth C615 at WorldHostingDays

Have you ever used a product that was purpose-built for what you needed to do? How nice was that! Think of the HANS (Head and Neck Support) product that ensures Formula 1 drivers maximum safety while enabling maximum performance and control. For that class of auto racing, you wouldn’t want to wear any old helmet and neck brace.

As a service provider, why use just any storage when SolidFire has been specifically built to meet the demands you encounter every day?

SolidFire delivers

  • Predictable and controllable performance to EVERY workload

  • Granular scale to huge deployments all within the same technology platform

  • Ability to move storage as needed by customer demand

  • As much automation and orchestration as you require

  • Ease in monetizing storage

  • Ability to differentiate your services

While at WorldHostingDays, take a Free Storage Assessment and learn how we can help you build a storage offering with better margins and higher customer satisfaction. It’s fast and easy; stop by booth C615 March 24th – 26th to schedule an appointment.

Also, please attend on Wednesday, March 25th in Cinema 4D at 14:25 to hear a panel discussion about “Next-generation infrastructure services past barebones box and virtual machine.”



Mara McMahon

Mara McMahon is the Head of Partner and Service Provider Go-to-Market at NetApp delivered through the Fueled by NetApp program. She is a service provider expert in GTM activities with a maniacal focus on maximizing return on investment from infrastructure assets. Mara serves as a business consultant to partners and service providers across the globe through the Fueled by NetApp program which is a free service designed to ensure the desired business outcomes resulting from NetApp technology purchase are achieved.

Mara has been working at NetApp (formerly SolidFire) for over five years and prior to SolidFire/NetApp, spent a number of years in product marketing and product management at a variety of service providers around the world including Cable & Wireless, SAVVIS, Verizon and Tata Communications. She has over 20 years’ experience working in executive, Product Management and Product Marketing roles.

Mara has a BS from Wittenberg University and an MBA in marketing from The Kogod School of Business, American University. Mara looks forward to working with you in maximizing your ROI.

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