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Docker remains one of the hot topics in the industry today, and last week was their second conference of the year: DockerCon EU 2015.  NetApp was a Gold sponsor of the conference, and we proudly sent six people to meet, talk, geek, and fraternize with the attendees.  We had several demos at our booth, including cloning containerized MongoDB utilizing FlexClones and the Snap Creator Framework, automatic registration of containerized applications with Snap Creator, the NetApp Native Driver for ClusterHQ’s Flocker, and deploying a scale-out Docker Registry using NetApp and SnapMirror.


This week we have Garrett Mueller, Technical Director for NetApp, and Jonathan Rippy, Software Engineer for NetApp, on the podcast.  Garrett and Rippy were two of NetApp’s representatives at DockerCon Europe and they share with us their experiences at the conference, as well as some of the things they learned from the sessions.  Be sure to keep an eye on the NetApp Open Source Blog over the coming days for more information about the demos and additional work happening on the team.  If you want to reach out to the BARNACLE team about Docker, containers, or other technologies, send them an email at opensource@netapp.com.


It’s Docker time!



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Garrett Mueller is a Technical Director at NetApp responsible for the integration of Data ONTAP into Windows environments, including the CIFS/SMB protocol. He also has a passion for development efficiency and productivity, and has led several large DevOps-style shifts within the engineering organization that include the Data ONTAP codeline model and heavy adoption of continuous integration. Garrett is now leaning on that experience to lead a team that is developing and executing on NetApp’s company-wide container strategy.


Jonathan Rippy is an Engineer at NetApp in the Manageability Products Group who has worn many hats in his career at NetApp.  He’s currently working on the container ecosystem related initiatives and has previously worked on many of the off box manageability products:  Snap Manager for Oracle, Snap Creator, Snap Center, and Virtual Storage Console for VMware.  He’s a North Carolina native with a passion for learning, teaching, and creating new things.


If you are new to the podcast, tune into any of our previous episodes to see what you may have missed.  You can find Tech ONTAP Podcast episodes on the NetApp Blog.


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