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ONTAP 9 Month continues with this week’s episode on what new features are available for data protection. We invite Technical Marketing Engineers Siddharth Agrawal (@siddharth_145) and Mike Worthen (@worthenmichael) to discuss MetroCluster, SnapMirror Enhancements and the addition of SnapLock support to ONTAP 9! Mike and Sid dive into the details of data protection and why ONTAP 9 is so much better.


Do you want more information on ONTAP 9? Well we are dedicating the entire month of June to ONTAP 9, and over the next few weeks we will be deep diving into some of the most popular and interesting features of ONTAP 9. Follow our “ONTAP 9 Month” playlist and you can expect to hear more about manageability, data protection, efficiency, security, usability, and much more as we talk with experts from across NetApp.



If you are new to the podcast, tune into any of our previous episodes to see what you may have missed. You can find Tech ONTAP Podcast episodes on the NetApp Blog.


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