I have always hated backup tapes.


Not an unusual statement from someone that works for a leading storage vendor, but my dislike goes right back to my first role in IT. I was the guy that drove the backup tape van to the offsite bunker and my day consisted of “picking” up the tapes to go offsite, driving to the offsite location, storing them and then picking up the expired tapes to come back to the production site. It’s amazing how many companies are still doing this, or paying for someone else to do it for them.


Part of the reason we still do this is because backup hasn’t changed that much in the last 20 years. This is surprising because I am yet to meet a customer who is 100% happy with their backup solution. Sure we introduced a range of disk based backup solutions, introduced deduplication and compression to reduce what we need to keep, but organisations still need to manage the lifecycle of the media that the backup data is stored on and they are still faced with significant backup costs. With some regulations dictating that this must be kept for 100+ years it doesn’t seem like a good use of your time or money.


The low cost storage platforms in the cloud can change all of that. The object storage platforms that are offered by the likes of AWS and Azure can change the dynamics of long term backup and archive, not only because of the reduction in costs, but also the increase in service.


NetApp is providing the next generation of cloud backup appliances. The launch of the AltaVault range of cloud backup solutions enables customers to leverage the economy of scale the cloud can provide, while maintaining a secure, simple and efficient backup solution.  




NetApp now offers a range of solutions from physical devices to virtual appliances that can run on VMWare or Hyper-V inside your data centre, and another set of virtual appliances that you can purchase and deploy from within the AWS and Azure environments.


The NetApp AltaVault backup solution caches your most recent backups onsite before transferring them to the cloud. You can even control which data is placed in the onsite cache and which data is deduplicated and compressed. You want the company’s data to be recovered immediately and there is no point trying to deduplicate video files.




If you’re not 100% happy with your backup solution and want to leverage the power of the cloud then it only takes minutes to implement NetApp AltaVault. You don’t need to change any processes in your backup environment, other than providing a new backup destination to your backup software. Trying is believing – go to www.NetApp.com/AltaVaultTrial and take the first step in removing backup tapes from your environment.