What’s so innovative about TechnologyOne? For this Australian enterprise software company, it’s all about the data.


TechnologyOne’s strategy for success is built around its industry-leading cloud platform, which provides enterprise-grade cloud services to over one million customers, with more coming every day. To meet the demands of explosive data growth, TechnologyOne needed a game-changer. Enter ONTAP Cloud.


ONTAP Cloud gives TechnologyOne the enterprise functionality to provide secure, available infrastructure with the familiar data management features it had been using for years. With ONTAP Cloud, TechnologyOne delivers high-quality, scalable services to its customers.


NetApp provides huge value that others cannot compete with. The ability to take snapshots and clone whilst using data reduction features like deduplication and compression is a huge win when working in AWS or Azure. I often see customers move to the cloud and not correctly factor in storage costs, and it can be a terminal issue for the project. NetApp helped to reduce the amount of data stored, lowering the monthly spend.


By combining the native data reduction features of ONTAP with the scalability and flexibility of the AWS and Azure public clouds, ONTAP Cloud really is the best of both worlds, and it is now a central component of TechnologyOne’s hybrid cloud strategy. With a Data Fabric built on ONTAP Cloud, TechnologyOne can move data across clouds to provide consistent, available data access to customers all over the world. Delivering data where customers want it today, with the flexibility to move it somewhere different tomorrow, in a cost- and time-efficient way, is a game-changer, and a clear competitive advantage that TechnologyOne is leveraging to cement its success for years to come.


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Meet the NetApp A-Team

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Jon Woan

Jon Woan is an IT Operations Manager at Vital Energi based in Manchester. He is responsible for solving business challenges in the energy sector. He’s passionate about all things tech, and like the rest of the A-Team, is a NetApp die-hard. He’s also a big time Manchester United Fanboy, and a season ticket holder. When he’s not at the office, he enjoys hitting the range and taking out IT-related aggression on some clay pigeons.

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