Bill Lipsin.pngIn advance of today’s flash announcement, we sat down with Bill Lipsin, VP Worldwide Channel Sales, NetApp to get his perspective on the news for partners.


Why is this announcement significant for partners selling NetApp flash offerings??

In our ongoing conversations with partners, we realized that we needed to increase our flash portfolio competitiveness. With this announcement, we have hit this head-on with ease of installation, reduced cost and improved performance. We believe that we have knocked out the roadblocks and have an All Flash FAS solution that can address any high-performance enterprise application.


I believe that more importantly, NetApp is the only vendor who provides partners a solution that allows their customers the flexibility of leveraging flash to disk to cloud, or any combination of those elements. This unique business model helps our partners be cloud-friendly, and embrace the cloud as one of their solutions. We know that customers who buy flash from NetApp also tend to buy more of our overall portfolio. So leading with All Flash can help partners move beyond just a single transaction sell. ?

Can you elaborate on some of the unique value points for partners in the announcement to help them sell?
Partners want solutions and products that are easy to sell. The All Flash FAS packs the industry’s best data management in a single, channel-friendly solution. It ships with Data ONTAP® FlashEssentials™ innovations, which increase flash performance and efficiency. Customers achieve better ROI for the long term due to NetApp’s unique ability to seamlessly move data from flash to disk to cloud as the data ages. The AFF8000 line is a veryt channel-friendly all-flash offering with new installation and extended support offers. Pricing promotions allow partners to sell the new systems at prices starting as low as $25,000 USD. This is complemented with a “Try and Buy” program for partners.


Is there any opportunity you think partners could capitalize on more when selling flash today, in general?
When I talk with partners, I encourage them to think about flash differently than it may have been presented to them previously.


The value proposition of flash is high performance, low latency, and low power consumption. But flash is more expensive than hard drives, so the vast majority of data will continue to exist on traditional media. The data management capability that is central to NetApp’s Data Fabric will be key to exploiting the true utilization and economics of flash. Similar to the cloud, data can’t be allowed to age and become idle on flash because the economics are too unfavorable.


Ultimately, the problem of data management needs to be solved to move data from high-performance storage to high capacity storage. NetApp is giving partners an opportunity to solve this challenge for customers today.


Flash is a hot topic right now, how is NetApp working to remain a leader in flash today? What should partners expect?

NetApp’s flash strategy is to deliver the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry. This allows customers to maximize the value of flash across the entire compute, network and storage stack. Our strategic framework is designed to provide maximum flexibility and choice.


A customer can confidently deploy a solution that offers the right level of performance, efficiency, scale and enterprise class-reliability for their specific needs and workloads. NetApp’s “no-compromise” approach to flash storage helps achieve maximum enterprise application performance at lower costs.

NetApp Staff