At NetApp Insight 2015, NetApp Cloud Czar Val Bercovici and Red8’s Glenn Dekhayser shared their thoughts on how cloud has changed the world of DevOps, including what Bercovici calls the “Lean Cloud.” Dekhayser is practice lead in the Office of the CTO at Red8, a leader in designing software-defined data centers and a longtime NetApp partner. Bercovici and Dekhayser cover everything from the basics (What is DevOps?) to cloud economics to workload and data agility.


“Any business right now, no matter how established, in a digital economy, can be disrupted in about three years,” says Bercovici, adding that innovating more quickly for customers is therefore imperative. “DevOps [is] the only organizational structure that lets you focus on innovation, and be able to continue to innovate at a regular pace.”


During their discussion, Bercovici and Dekhayser bust a few myths. How should IT think about innovation? (Clue: it’s not solving today’s problems faster and cheaper.) Born-in-the-cloud apps might thrive in a hyperscale environment like Amazon, but should they live there forever? How do you optimally locate an app over its natural lifecycle? Bottom line, it shouldn’t matter where your data resides-public cloud, private cloud, on premises.


The NetApp vision of a Data Fabric allows CIOs to see all these potential landing points as a single ecosystem, and gives them the means to manage their data accordingly. Bercovici and Dekhayser discuss how the Data Fabric can help DevOps take advantage of shifting cloud economics and overcome the limitations of data gravity in the cloud.


“It’s important to understand that innovation is not solving today’s problems faster or cheaper-that’s efficiency,” says Dekhayser. “Innovation is solving new problems. That’s what DevOps is really about.”


For the full conversation, listen to Bercovici and Dekhayser on the following edition of the Tech ONTAP Podcast:

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