NetApp A-Team with Dave Hitz

Like-minded and outspoken in their passion for all things NetApp, the NetApp A-Team members leverage social media to tell their stories – what worked, what didn’t, what they like, and what they think NetApp and other IT vendors can be doing better.


They also share their day-to-day, hands-on product experiences with NetApp executives and subject matter experts, and this candid feedback helps shape decisions made regarding NetApp’s product roadmap.


The Top 10 Reasons the A-Team Has Serious Cred in the Data Center

We know the A-Team thinks NetApp is cool, but here’s why you should listen to them:

  1. There’s more than 150 years of NetApp experience among team members.
  2. They’ve completed 100+ FlexPod and clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) installs, and they can migrate data from 7-Mode to cDOT in their sleep.
  3. They no longer use banned terms like “NetApps”, “filers”, and “c-mode.”
  4. When out for breakfast, they (mostly Glenn D.) can’t order waffles without thinking about WAFL, and they don’t take coffee into the data center.
  5. They’ve earned countless certifications from NetApp, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and other industry leaders (Pete Y. makes sure they pass!).
  6. The team owns and supports more than a dozen technical blogs with posts covering data management and other related topics.
  7. They ALL have serious OCD when it comes to cabling.
  8. There’s an unusually high number of craft beer brewers on the team, and all members have an unlimited capacity to consume said beer.
  9. Many of them possess mad skills on the foosball table.
  10. All partake in the random, casual deletion of files because they KNOW they can get them back instantly.


Meet the NetApp A-Team

Check out the SlideShare below to get to know the members of the A-Team. Look for expanded bios in their blog posts right here on NetApp’s Blog. Follow them on Twitter, check out their personal blogs, and share what’s on your mind.


Sam Moulton

Sam has held a variety of roles in the technology industry spanning sales support, product management, media and analyst relations, and marketing communications. Throughout her career, one thing has always been paramount: the relationships she develops with clients, stakeholders, and peers. So it’s no surprise that championing the NetApp A-Team suits her well, and she considers it a privilege to be working with such a smart, dedicated group of influencers.

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