Say goodbye to blizzards. The weather here in Boulder, Colorado is finally starting to warm up — just like the conversations about the plethora of storage solutions available today. Notably, those discussing which type of storage offers the right fit for specific business needs and application workloads.

SearchStorage even recently compared the many new products, solutions, and categories to a blizzard of confusion.

Now, we’ve seen our fair share of snow over the past few weeks here at SolidFire — including the blizzard that blanketed our recent analyst day. (Check out ESG’s flake-filled coverage of our event.)

Mark Peters in a blizzard in Boulder, CO.
Standing in a blizzard in Boulder that has since melted to reveal green grass, Mark Peters (ESG Senior Analyst of storage systems) summarizes SolidFire’s exciting path up the storage vendor chain. After its second annual Analyst Day, Mark stated SolidFire “needs to blanket the world with marketing and awareness in the same way that these flakes are blanketing Colorado.”

But what no one has seen until now is one all-flash storage platform that delivers the same functionality no matter which infrastructure model you choose: as a service in the cloud, as a converged solution, as a best-of-breed appliance, or even as software running on your own commodity hardware.

The large traditional vendors offer a different product with different features for each and every storage challenge. Newcomers to the storage arena simply offer an appliance. Only SolidFire delivers a scale-out, all-flash storage platform that ensures a consistent storage experience however you decide to deploy IT.

SolidFire is changing how enterprises should think about IT.

Rather than asking, “Which storage should I choose?” CIOs can now ask, “Which type of infrastructure is best suited to my business model and mode of operation?”

  • Want to implement a new, flash storage-driven infrastructure in minutes? One that can deliver the fastest time to value? Maybe an agile infrastructure is right for you.
  • Interested in having the highest flexibility with the least vendor lock-in — so your business can customize IT when and how you need? Consider an SF-series appliance.
  • Looking to dramatically reduce your CapEx so your business can achieve new levels of cost-efficiency at small or large scale? Look into Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • Have a standardized platform and established hardware supply? Take the next step to learn if leveraging SolidFire’s Element X software only offering is right for you.

Need some insight to understand which tradeoffs you’ll be comfortable making for your next infrastructure? We call this situation the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum, and we created an online resource to help you prioritize your needs.

With a few clicks, SolidFire's (free) Infrastructure Consumption Continuum tool helps you prioritize your storage needs.
With a few clicks, SolidFire’s (free) Infrastructure Consumption Continuum tool helps you prioritize your storage needs.

Visit the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum and download the supplementary paper, Using the Infrastructure Consumption Continuum >>

Patrick Hunt

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