Over the past decade, midsized businesses have experienced unprecedented IT growth.


According to a recent Can Capital report, 58% of midsized business owners expect to see their data demands grow in 2015. Ensuring that the company’s IT infrastructure can keep pace with these increasing data requirements can be tricky, especially when taking limited staff and minimal budgets into account.


In order to avoid the task becoming overwhelming, it’s vital that organisations – especially midsized businesses – put data storage solutions at the top of their business agenda to ensure that they are equipped to deal with the need for a smarter data storage solution.


Here are two things midsized businesses need from their storage providers.


A Clear Roadmap for Their Journey


Decision makers at midsized businesses will look to buy from a vendor with a solid product and a clear roadmap for future innovation. In the modern storage landscape, where a choice must be made between outsourcing versus working in-house, any decision-maker will be looking for a vendor that can outline the journey. It’s vital that midsized businesses do not feel trapped and locked into a particular package, as this will make them reticent about signing up for it. NetApp can provide customers with a Data Fabric that will allow them the freedom to customise their data storage solution to fit their exact requirements for today and also their future plans. Watch this video from Matt Watts to learn more.


A Teammate, Not A Vendor


A trusted relationship is the driver of any decision making process, especially when it comes to buying behaviour.


With mid-sized businesses, proximity matters: both physical and cultural. It’s about really understanding the customer and their needs and establishing that a beggar-thy-neighbour attitude will not be adopted. For me, it’s about choosing a teammate that is also my trusted advisor.


NetApp has built up a solid and reliable network of teammates, made up of VAR, hybrid VAR, distributors, service providers, system integrators, and alliance partners. All of these teammates have different capabilities and offerings, but share the value of best-in-class technology, meaning that NetApp can provide a solution that delivers true value to customers, one which they can count on for whatever they need.


Ultimately, understanding your customer is key to delivering a personalised solution that can really address the underlying business needs without breaking the bank.



That’s why, when a midsized business chooses, IT HAS TO BE NETAPP!