Image above shows the Create Datastore wizard with enabled SIOC integration.

SolidFire has just released the latest version of the vCenter Plug-in with support for vSphere 6. With this release of the plug-in (version 2.5), there are a number of enhancements to better integrate with vSphere that I’ll address in this post.

Customers migrating to vSphere 6 will have added support for vSphere 6, with backward compatibility to vSphere 5.5 and 5.1 in the latest SolidFire plug-in. 

A focus for this release was improving the reliability and user experience when installing and configuring the SolidFire vCenter Plug-in. Also included in the new plug-in are enhancements to the UNMAP function which improves the VAAI Thin Provisioning Reclaim (UNMAP) operation performance by intelligently calculating the reclaim unit based on free space. As a result, most unmap operations finish in about a minute, depending on volume size.  A further enhancement comes from added support for hosts and clusters inside folders within virtual data centers.

SolidFire is moving forward to continue enhancing the VMware experience and make the vCenter Plug-in more robust. Download the vCenter Plug-in Solution Brief to learn more about using SolidFire for VMware. Expect to see more changes coming, as we are hard at work continuing to enhance the plug-in and developing more SolidFire integrations with VMware.

Please contact us to learn more about using SolidFire for VMware environments or to hear more about our roadmap of future enhancements.


Doug Chamberlain

Doug Chamberlain is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, joining the company through the acquisition of SolidFire. The last two decades of his career in technology have been in the storage industry, with product management and product marketing roles in tape, disk, flash, and storage software solutions. He holds a BS in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration. Prior to joining SolidFire, Doug was a Principal Product Manager at Oracle, responsible for the ZFS Storage Appliance.