* The NetApp booth is #421, located not far from the center island on the show floor. Read on for a schedule of our sessions and panels.*


If you’re a VMware user and have not yet been familiarized with NetApp’s Data Fabric vision, VMworld 2017 is your perfect chance to get acquainted with how you can transform yourself into a data visionary.


Virtualized applications are more distributed, dynamic, and diverse than ever, creating an overwhelming amount of data that is incredibly difficult to manage. At VMworld, NetApp will showcase how VMware users can leverage the data fabric vision to become thriving, data-centric organizations.


Stop by booth 421 to learn what NetApp is doing with software that can improve your experience using NetApp hardware for VMware environments.


  • Virtual Storage Console has the pieces you need to connect to the ONTAP features directly from the vSphere Web Client, including a new performance dashboard view to quickly identify any issues.
  • With SnapCenter, you have a platform to manage all your backup and recovery methods, also integrated with the vSphere interface.
  • ONTAP Select provides a way to build a virtual filer on top of a vSAN instance.

And for monitoring your entire VMware ecosystem:

  • OnCommand Insight helps you identify compute, network, and storage platform bottlenecks that may be impacting your environment.

Easy-to-integrate VMware ecosystems:

  • The recently launched FlexPod SF addition to the FlexPod converged infrastructure solutions is ideal for the VMware Private Cloud.
  • We’re also previewing the upcoming enterprise-scale NetApp HCI platform. Built around VMware, it is designed to support teams that would like to control their growing VMware ecosystem without the need to become compute and storage experts.

As we see VMware making its products available from Amazon Web Services, we also want to draw attention to the NetApp ONTAP Cloud offering also available from the AWS marketplace. The NetApp cloud story parallels VMware’s. You can use NetApp solutions on-premises, or get it in the cloud from AWS.


NetApp ONTAP® Cloud storage software service delivers enterprise control, protection, and efficiency to your data with the flexibility of the cloud. Having the same storage operating system for your on-premises operations and in the cloud brings you the value of a data fabric without having to train your IT staff in all new methods to manage your storage.


NetApp speaking sessions and panels at VMworld 2017

  • Session ADV3310BUS, ‪Monday @ 5:00-6:00p.m.‬ | A discussion on how End User Computing challenges (such as improper sizing, complex deployments, changing workloads, and unpredictable growth) contribute to slowing, or causing, EUC projects to fail. Chris Gebhardt and Jeremy Hall will provide some keys to enable your business to overcome these challenges, simplify sizing and deployment using NetApp solutions for EUC. ‬
  • Session STO3308BUS, ‪Tuesday @ 11:30-12:30p.m.‬ | Learn about the HCI marketplace and challenges that limit performance, flexibility, and consolidation capabilities of first-generation HCI platforms. Gabriel Chapman will discuss those challenges and introduce how the NetApp HCI solution is designed to address those limitations. ‬
  • Panel STO1915PU | Peter Skovrup will be participating in the vSAN panel discussion to talk about why vNAS on vSAN is an excellent way to introduce file services to the vSAN environment. ‬‬
  • Panel STO1782PU | Andy Banta will be a guest on the VVols panel session to speak more on how customers are using VVols in their environments today. ‬‬

Booth 421 will be a rotating smorgasbord of mini theater sessions, gear, and demos to show how NetApp works with VMware to deliver solutions like hybrid cloud that may be a mystery today.


Visit us and let our booth ambassadors guide you to NetApp solutions that can help you achieve more and unleash the power of data to achieve a new competitive advantage.



Doug Chamberlain

Doug Chamberlain is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, joining the company through the acquisition of SolidFire. The last two decades of his career in technology have been in the storage industry, with product management and product marketing roles in tape, disk, flash, and storage software solutions. He holds a BS in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration. Prior to joining SolidFire, Doug was a Principal Product Manager at Oracle, responsible for the ZFS Storage Appliance.