SolidFire has always been known as a technology-led company, with a strong focus on delivering a differentiated storage architecture to customers in a way that focuses on substance over “flash.”


Throughout our life as a stand-alone company, I sought out others to join our team who held a similar viewpoint when it came to talking about technology and listening to customers. One person who I’ve chased for a while now is NetApp’s “Cloud Czar” Val Bercovici, and I’m pleased to announce he’s now joining the SolidFire team in the role of Field CTO.


As Field CTO, Val will be a key member of our technical community, contributing industry thought leadership while acting as an evangelist for SolidFire, participating in industry, field, and customer events, telling the SolidFire story, and bringing inputs back to the SolidFire team that help shape the product.


Val will also establish the SolidFire “Office of the CTO” and take leadership of our team of Field Architects, who provide specialist support to our field teams and customers in our largest and most complex engagements. His leadership in and passion for next generation architectures and solutions is deep. In many ways he has been evangelizing the SolidFire vision for the next generation data center for years already!

Dave Wright

Dave Wright, SolidFire CEO and founder, left Stanford in 1998 to help start GameSpy Industries, a leader in online videogame media, technology, and software. GameSpy merged with IGN Entertainment in 2004 and Dave served as Chief Architect for IGN and led technology integration with FIM / MySpace after IGN was acquired by NewsCorp in 2005. In 2007 Dave founded Jungle Disk, a pioneer and early leader in cloud-based storage and backup solutions for consumers and businesses. Jungle Disk was acquired by leading cloud provider Rackspace in 2008 and Dave worked closely with the Rackspace Cloud division to build a cloud platform supporting tens of thousands of customers. In December 2009 Dave left Rackspace to start SolidFire.

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