Being a storage buyer these days is ridiculously challenging. The number of choices you have is staggering, many vendors have seemingly interchangeable claims of complete superiority (how many “leading” vendors can there truly be?), and an incorrect choice can lead to the loss of your company’s data and your job. As if all of that wasn’t hard enough, you need to try to figure out which vendors’ representatives are presenting their product capabilities to you honestly.

SolidFire offers highly innovative storage systems for the next generation data center, but we strive to make our customer interactions as straightforward as possible. Here’s the direction that we provide to the SolidFire field teams:

  1. Compete in the right places – We expect everybody on our team to be experts on our solutions and to only compete for your business if we know that we have an offering that is well suited to your needs. Professionally walking from an inappropriate opportunity is behavior that we encourage and applaud.

  2. Always be honest – If you ask a question about a capability that we do not have, we will tell you the truth. We will probe to see if we could meet your needs differently or whether that capability is truly essential.

  3. Understand the customer’s plan – We need to understand your strategic priorities, not just the needs of your immediate project, to ensure that we provide the most appropriate SolidFire solution to you.

  4. Leverage our partners – We involve a fantastic team of industry partners and integrators in our customer interactions to ensure that our customers get the most out of their SolidFire investments.

  5. Follow up professionally and thoroughly, always –  The easier we make it for you to evaluate SolidFire, the easier it will be for you to select us.

All we ask from you is an openness around your needs and plans, and that you candidly share your feedback and concerns throughout the process.

Our growth rate, reorder rates, and customer satisfaction ratings make me comfortable that we get it right almost all of the time. If you ever feel we are not getting it right for you, please contact me directly at


The SolidFire team, Sales Kickoff 2015
We have more than doubled our number of team members in the last year while delivering some outstanding results.

Brian McCloskey