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By Adam Fore, Director, Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Marketing, NetApp

In increasingly competitive environments, speed is a key differentiator. Buyers of our all-flash technology, such as AmTrust Financial Services Inc., have seen the impact of flash on their ability to move quickly. This customer, a publicly traded $4.6 billion global insurance and warranty provider, reports that “moving to NetApp All Flash FAS has had a very positive ripple effect. We can provide more responsive customer service and introduce new services to more markets faster.”

That’s the value customers get from teaming with NetApp on flash solutions. We’ve made flash enterprise-grade. Use it in SAN and NAS environments. Manage your data seamlessly across not only flash but disk and cloud resources. Optimize your data fabric with flash that makes it easier to respond to changing market conditions.

I’m excited by how the market is responding to our enterprise-grade all-flash. We reported in our Q2FY16 earnings that NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) unit shipments grew more than 400% year-over-year. We’ve had six consecutive quarters of triple-digit growth. The AFF line is among the fastest growing products in NetApp history and earned recent recognition as a CRN Coolest Flash Storage Product of 2015.

Introducing Flash Advantage

Now, to make it even easier for customers to experience the benefits of NetApp all-flash systems without risk, we’re rolling out the Flash Advantage program.

With the Flash Advantage program, you can:

  • Stay on the cutting edge of flash technologies and eliminate downtime with free controller upgrades. Receive a new controller for free three years after initial purchase with a total of six years of SupportEdge premium support.
  • Accelerate enterprise applications with guaranteed high performance. We guarantee a 3X performance increase for your enterprise database applications compared to traditional non-flash, disk-based systems.
  • Get world-class support at a fixed rate for up to 7 years. Extend support for up to 7 years for a fixed rate, either at the point of sale or at renewal.

I’m also happy to share that we’ve seen a sizable increase in customers using our products for SAN-based workloads. Just under half of AFF systems that began shipping in June with our FlashEssentials software are being used in SAN environments. FlashEssentials has made it easier than ever to get up and running — it takes less than 10 minutes from out of box to power up, and less than 10 minutes from power up to configured and able to serve data.

We’re also offering pricing options that make flash very affordable. With new 3.8 terabyte solid state drive support and our storage efficiency technologies, customers realize a lower $/GB cost that essentially gives them the performance of flash for the price of disk(1).

I love that we’re continuing to take flash to the mainstream so that all of our customers can take advantage of this business-changing technology.  If you haven’t tried NetApp all-flash solutions, it’s never been easier to evaluate the impact of flash for all of your most demanding workloads.

(1) Statement refers to the cost of traditional high-performance disk versus NetApp managed flash, as measured by $/GB capacity.

As business demands grow, enterprises rush to eliminate the difference between what their database apps can deliver and what slow, disk-based servers allow the apps to do. Learn how many organizations are closing these performance gaps. Attend our webcast and learn how NetApp flash drives application performance at Western Oregon University.

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Adam Fore

Adam Fore is Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing at NetApp. A 20-year veteran of Product Management and Product Marketing in the high tech industry, Adam has spent the last years at NetApp and currently manages solutions that span the NetApp portfolio including the FlexPod data center platform.

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