Business has changed for NetApp IT with the adoption of the hybrid cloud model. The key to our strategy is NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP®, the foundation for our on-premises storage environment and an integral part of our hybrid cloud model. Clustered Data ONTAP enables our hybrid cloud model because of its ability to enhance the scale-out architecture and non-disruptive operations of clustered Data ONTAP.


The modular design of clustered Data ONTAP allows us to build out multiple nodes with different capacity and performance service levels. Once we have those deployed within the cluster, we can move workloads around within that cluster without any impact on the running workloads. We can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into administrative, planning, and coordination efforts as it relates to storage efficiency.


Our strategy is to deploy clustered Data ONTAP near our public cloud solutions. We can easily move data between our on-premises data centers and our cloud providers using the data portability capabilities offered by clustered Data ONTAP. We can select which compute capability we want to use and provide those capabilities based on a clustered Data ONTAP deployment that is agile, dynamically scaling, and meets business requirements.


One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen in the on-premises use of clustered Data ONTAP is that we have the ability to deliver-through automation-what we call a Holistic Compute Environment (HCE). We can deliver compute, network, storage, databases, application, images, user access, as well as monitoring on-premises in under four hours as opposed to days.


On a broader scale, our strategy includes both on-premises and off-premises solutions, as well as public and private cloud options. We can choose, within our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) strategy, to use our own data centers or external options such as enterprise and hyper-scale cloud service providers. We manage security and risk across our entire portfolio to take concepts like data privacy, data protection, intellectual property protection, and compliance into account.  We keep our business-critical applications-whether they relate to intellectual property protection or give us another advantage in the industry-on-premises in our data centers.


Clustered Data ONTAP is a vital part of our hybrid cloud strategy. Not only does it serve as an agile platform for our business-critical applications, it is an important factor in our ability to easily and securely move data in and out of the cloud. This gives us the flexibility to dynamically support business requirements as they continue to evolve.


To read more about how NetApp IT is using clustered Data ONTAP, visit the NetApp on NetApp website, watch the clustered Data ONTAP and the hybrid cloud video above or read the case study.


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