This week a met Julie McKenna, Marketing Manager at Alexander Thamm to ask her a couple of questions on Alexander Thamm and their participation to GTC Europe 2018.


Christian Lorentz (CL): Who is Alexander Thamm? Can you give us a little bit of a company background and what you are doing in the AI field?


Julie McKenna (JMK): Alexander Thamm GmbH is the leading data & AI consultancy in the German-speaking region. As data and machine learning pioneer in Germany, we have already implemented more than 500 data science and AI projects in various industries – 90% of our pilots are transferred to the operational business. Our customers include many of the German DAX companies such as BMW, VW, Daimler, Vodafone, Vorwerk, RWE, RTL and many more.


At Alexander Thamm, we know that AI will shape the future. Both products and services are enriched with intelligence – to achieve this, self-learning algorithms have to be developed. This is why we consistently pursue AI and machine learning. Our well-rehearsed team of data scientists and machine learning engineers has set itself the task of inventing, developing and implementing AI and machine learning solutions that help companies generating real added value from data.


We offer several AI services ranging from the implementation of state-of-the-art predictive analysis and forecasting models, a library of 250 ML and AI algorithms, deep learning solutions for image recognition and much more.


We refer to value generation through data as Data2Value. To achieve this goal, we have developed the Data Journey. From the Data Strategy, it leads via the Data Lab to the Data Factory, where a market-ready Data Product is created. Thanks to our approach, Crisp Research named us #1 Value Creator in Machine Learning and Experton Big Data Leader.


CL: What are you showcasing in the NetApp booth?


JMK: We are going to showcase the Thermomix by Vorwerk: a product, that has emerged as the number one IoT kitchen appliance. Complemented by a digital ecosystem it supports customers around the world in the preparation of enjoyable and healthy meals at home every day. On the continuing digital journey of Thermomix, modern, data-driven methodologies have been identified as a promising means to generate new Business insights and boost customer satisfaction. Obviously, a capable data processing infrastructure is a prerequisite for leveraging vast amounts of device and user generated data. In our showcase, we will present how the data-generating-process is initiated on the Thermomix device, how data is pumped into a distrusted data repository used for data-driven applications and share some lessons we have learnt during the implementation and operation of the various technologies involved.


CL: For which kind of use cases is this interesting?


JMK: Our showcase is a great example of the customization of an everyday product. Implementing data-driven solutions to the Thermomix improves customer satisfaction and provides our client Vorwerk with valuable data about user behavior. Therefore, this showcase will be of interest for anyone, who strives to connect devices in the era of IoT with focus to achieve customer loyalty and increased value by enhancing customization.


CL: What are your expectations for the GTC show?


JMK: First of all, we are delighted to be part of the GTC Europe. Thank you to NetApp for this great opportunity! We are looking forward to connect with clients, industry experts and also present our own expertise in AI.  Besides, we are curious to learn more about newcomers in the industry as well as the newest, disruptive developments from other parts of the world.


To learn more about this use case and understand how NetApp can accelerate your AI journey visit our NetApp booth P.09 at GTC Europe 2018.

Christian Lorentz

Christian has held a variety of positions as System Engineer, Consultant, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager for Digital Equipment, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Riverbed. Christian joined NetApp in 2015, as Sr Product and Solution Marketing Manager for EMEA , and has over 20 years’ experience in the networking and storage arena.