The NetApp booth at Cisco Live US 2017

The topic of this year’s Cisco Live Europe is “Are You an IT Superhero? We at NetApp believe that IT superheroes are also data visionaries.


NetApp is a Diamond Sponsor at Cisco Live Europe in 2018, and we’ll moderate and comoderate with Cisco four sessions about rising trends and solutions. We have put together demos to showcase the benefits of our jointly developed technologies.


This year we will focus on:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Global collaboration with 3D applications
  • Agile infrastructure for DevOps
  • FlexPod®: the converged infrastructure from Cisco and NetApp

Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

We encourage you to visit one of our four sessions in the CMAX and Innovation Theaters to get a better insight into these solutions.


Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? (BRKPAR-2955)

In this session, we will discuss the performance aspects of an IT infrastructure ready for artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will also discuss NetApp® Data Fabric technology, which encompasses the entire data flow, from ingest to archive, making sure you collect as much data as possible from as many sources as possible.


Converged Systems Advisor: Simplify Operations with Cloud-Based Lifecycle Management for FlexPod (BRKPAR-2958)

NetApp Converged Systems Advisor provides FlexPod customers with cloud-based management capabilities that reduce the time and expertise required to validate and manage FlexPod converged infrastructures.


Agile Infrastructure for DevOps with OpenStack, Containers, and Cisco CloudCenter (BRKPAR-2957)

NetApp and Cisco developed FlexPod over six years ago to address the need for agile infrastructure that can quickly adapt to emerging customer scenarios. Learn how FlexPod can help your developers leverage Cisco CloudCenter, OpenStack, and containers to move data and environments between on the premises and the cloud and back again, without losing a beat.


FlexPod for 3D Graphics Visualization

Global real-time collaboration for 3D applications using FlexPod. As data gets larger, moving files around requires more time and is a security risk. The virtual workstation powered by FlexPod is designed with the user at its center and offers any kind of computer resource on demand, no matter what the size and resolution of the data. A 3D medical image, 2D CAD drawing, or seismic data cube is available globally using the joint power of FlexPod and the NetApp Data Fabric. 


Additionally, we’ll have on session on GDPR in the booth of our partner Commvault, and a session about the Cisco Live NOC powered by FlexPod on Friday at 11:00.


For more information and the full program of our sessions at Cisco Live Europe 2018 can be found here.

Mini-Theater Schedule

We will run short sessions in our mini-theater daily from 11:30 to 16:30 (until 14:00 on Thursday, February 1). Here’s the full program:


  • 11:30 – Agile Infrastructure for DevOps with OpenStack, Containers, and Cisco CloudCenter
  • 12:00 – Why Converged Infrastructure with Cisco and NetApp
  • 12:30 – Flexibility and Resiliency at the Edge – by Schneider Electric
  • 13:00 – Powering the Cisco Live NOC with FlexPod
  • 13:30 – FlexPod for 3D Graphics Visualization
  • 14:00 – Simplify Operations with Cloud-Based Lifecycle Management for FlexPod
  • 14:30 – Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?
  • 15:00 – Deliver On-Premises Private Cloud as a Service to Your Customers
  • 15:30 – Why Converged Infrastructure with Cisco and NetApp
  • 16:00 – Simplify your GDPR Data Landscape – Commvault

We’ll also run demos in our booth to showcase technologies such as 3D applications consolidation, IoT/predictive maintenance, DevOps, Automation for VMware, On-Premises Private Cloud as-a-Service, and more.


If you are in Barcelona, come to the World of Solutions and visit us at booth D1 to learn how to transform yourself not only into an IT superhero, but also a data visionary!

Christian Lorentz

Christian has held a variety of positions as System Engineer, Consultant, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager for Digital Equipment, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Riverbed. Christian joined NetApp in 2015, as Sr Product and Solution Marketing Manager for EMEA , and has over 20 years’ experience in the networking and storage arena.

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