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Innovating for IT Specialists

November 12, 2020

Today more than ever, organizations are racing to transform. Progressive IT professionals are looking to retool their data centers to offer simple, cloud-like service delivery to their customers with the rock-solid, proven quality of enterprise data services and systems. Many are building global private clouds at massive global scale to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives with next-generation application development. They need fully automated, simple to […]

Introducing NetApp SnapCenter 4.4

November 12, 2020

With the release of NetApp® SnapCenter® 4.4 this month, you’ll see many new features and enhancements. What’s new in SnapCenter 4.4? Here’s an overview of features grouped by category. We introduced these features based on the feedback we received from our customers and also on our examination of market trends. Key enhancements in SnapCenter Server […]

The source of truth – customers

November 11, 2020

Early in my career, I was part of a small product management team in the Network Storage division of Sun Microsystems. It was a fledgling group that was jostling to gain attention, because SPARC servers, Solaris, and Java were the shiny objects in the Sun “universe.”   Most of the Network Storage product line at […]

Confidently manage medical imaging on FlexPod

November 9, 2020

Diagnostic medical imaging is a crucial component of the overall healthcare delivery process. Ever since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays and began applying them to create medical images more than a century ago, science has provided dozens of modalities for medical imaging. Because such images enable doctors to noninvasively observe the normal and abnormal structure and […]

What’s New with FlexPod?

November 6, 2020

This year, NetApp and Cisco are celebrating our 10-year successful partnership. FlexPod® grew from a simple concept to bring together the best-of-breed technology innovations from these two industry leaders into a converged infrastructure. The mission was to offer our partners and customers a validated platform that was easy to deploy and simple to manage. And […]

Speed up your data science initiatives

October 27, 2020

Fast experimentation and successful business outcomes of AI are directly correlated, but many AI projects are rife with inefficient processes. The combination of data processing time and outdated storage solutions creates bottlenecks and workload orchestration issues, and static allocation of GPU compute resources limits the number of experiments that researchers can run.   NetApp and […]

NetApp and IBM Cloud partnership expands to support SAP workloads

October 23, 2020

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for quite a while now, but the COVID-19 global pandemic has bumped its significance up to a matter of survival. Enterprise organizations looking to modernize their operations through transformation are realizing that cloud adoption is absolutely necessary.   In this era of rapid transitions, adopting a hybrid cloud […]