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Achieve Bully Free Environment Automatically with NetApp Service Level Manager

March 21, 2018

To meet SLAs, all workloads on a storage system must behave predictably. Predictability can prevent performance bottlenecks and “bully workloads.” To achieve predictability, you need to implement adaptive quality of service (QoS).   Suppose there are 10 workloads running on the same storage system, and most of them are I/O intensive. At some point, only […]

Software-Defined Storage That Meets My High-Availability Needs

March 16, 2018

Companies are rapidly adopting software-defined storage (SDS), taking advantage of the flexibility, efficiency, and programmability it offers. One critical aspect of a successful SDS deployment is data protection. As many technology vendors begin to offer SDS solutions, they need to provide strong data protection to ensure continuous operation of their customers’ day-to-day business operations. NetApp® […]

Going Inside the NOC at Cisco Live

March 12, 2018

Several times a year, Cisco Live offers thousands of attendees the opportunity to learn about new and exciting technologies, network with a lot of smart folks, and have a blast while doing it. For me, Cisco Live offers an exciting opportunity as well.   As a Technical Marketing Engineer on the Converged Infrastructure team at […]