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FinOps helps NetApp optimize cost efficiencies for cloud-led software development

April 14, 2021

The accelerating shift to the hybrid cloud has forever changed the management of data-centric applications, and it’s also turning the traditional IT spending model on its head.   For decades, IT spending largely centered around balancing ongoing costs for things like licensing, energy, and maintenance with significant, cyclical investments, or capital expenditures (capex), every few […]

How to manage VDI in the cloud

April 1, 2021

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and virtual applications have the power to transform workforces. Powerful, consistent EUC experiences – regardless of team size, location, or application complexity – enable digital workplace transformation. And VDI in the cloud enables resource elasticity, dramatically reducing the infrastructure burden of desktop management.   In our recent demo, we explored how […]

5 strategic planning assumptions that will make your digital workplace…

February 2, 2021

Remember 2020? We’re trying to forget it, too.   Thankfully, our friends at Gartner are doing their part to keep us all focused on what’s next. Specifically, their 2021 predictions for digital workplace infrastructure and operations (I&O).   In its report, Gartner lays out five key strategic planning assumptions (predictions), market implications, and recommendations that […]