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Faster Time to Value with FlexPod Reference Bundles for VDI

May 13, 2020

Our current challenging environment has resulted in a sudden increased need for employees to work from home and for students to learn remotely. In response, governments and corporations are looking to deploy new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments or to expand their existing VDI environments to provide fast and secure remote access to their users. […]

Bottoms Up!

May 12, 2020

I like beer. I also like a bunch of other stuff. It’s just that I really like beer. For anyone who has known me for even a brief amount of time, this is hardly news. Belgian Tripels, Imperial Stouts and Saisons – yummm.   SAP claims that about 77% of the beer consumed worldwide is […]

NetApp XCP 1.6 Delivers Open File Analytics and Infrastructure Improvements

May 8, 2020

In my previous blog, I discussed 2 ways to quickly and reliably move data using NetApp® XCP, our data migration software. This blog goes deeper into the features of NetApp® XCP 1.6 and their use: File analytics – graphical user interface Logging enhancements File Analytics Today, data plays a more crucial role than ever before. It […]

Build a High-Performance Computing Infrastructure – and Get It Right…

May 6, 2020

High-performance computing (HPC) infrastructures are complex by nature. With hundreds or even thousands of nodes running in parallel, architectural and management complexities abound. As technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things become the norm, organizations across all industries are turning to HPC solutions to gain or maintain their competitive advantage.   When building […]

When Should You Be Using NetApp FlexGroup Volumes? (Spoiler Alert:…

May 1, 2020

NetApp® ONTAP® FlexGroup volumes were introduced in ONTAP 9.1 to provide a scale-out NAS solution that could extend beyond the limitations of the NetApp FlexVol® volume. This is done by combining multiple FlexVol volumes into a single namespace and having ONTAP balance incoming data automatically, with real-time updates of capacity and file counts to maintain a capacity balance across all constituent volumes.    FlexGroup volumes offer the following benefits over FlexVol volumes:  […]