A New Milestone

Trust is the foundation for any strong relationship. Think about anyone involved in your work or personal life and how that relationship would be without trust. If you don’t trust your mechanic, those service visits can get pretty interesting. Do I really need that brake fluid flush? What about the leadership at your company? Or your peers in the office?  Strong trusting relationships typically build over time, where actions become the proof points of proposed plans. Actions follow words, and those involved build a bond based on those actions and that trust. NetApp and Intel have had a long relationship as joint customers and partners. We use their products, they use our products. It has been a long and strong partnership built on trust.


Today marks a new milestone in that relationship, and new opportunities as we’re taking the partnership to new heights. We now offer complementary products where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We’re talking about Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM) and NetApp Memory Accelerated (MAX) Data. When used together (along with Intel’s latest Cascade Lake Xeon® processor family, which is required for Optane DCPMM), customers can realize the promise of solutions that provide shorter time-to-results with their data.


“IDC expects solutions such as MAX Data to be deployed with both existing, latency-sensitive relational database applications and newer workloads that include real-time and batch-oriented big data analytics and many technical computing applications … where their performance drives compelling, bottom line business benefits.”


Performance without data protection only tells part of the story. MAX Data enables data resilience with minimal impact on performance and provides the assurance of integrated data protection. The NetApp Memory Accelerated Recovery (MAX Recovery) feature enables you to mirror and protect PMEM in a server and to use snapshots for fast data recovery.


Applications like Oracle and Mongo DB, along with other In Memory DB’s, can benefit from this combination. This was the vision of the founder, Sharon Azulai, had for Plexistor, the company that NetApp bought and turned into MAX Data.

Better Together

Our joint customers are continuously looking for ways to drive new revenue opportunities. How can they turn their data into increased revenue? Performance combined with data protection can be a game changer for financial services companies, where faster trading results in higher revenue. Credit card companies can accelerate fraud detection to reduce loss due to theft. And for e-commerce companies, faster analytics can drive better personalization; more clicks mean more sales. When combined with Optane DCPMM, MAX Data can bring performance for ever increasing data set sizes on the same memory footprint.

Just the Beginning

We have the trust of our partner, and they ours. We’re very excited to take this relationship beyond joint customers. There will be many new opportunities to pursue where we can jointly help customers solve problems. I can’t wait!


Check out the infographic below for more information and visit NetApp.com to learn how you can start your 90-day free trial of MAX Data today.


Rob McDonald

At NetApp, Rob has global responsibility for all outbound marketing strategy (awareness, demand generation, and enablement) for Enterprise Applications and his main focus is to show how NetApp customers benefit from and the business value of running their Enterprise Applications on NetApp solutions. His previous experience includes driving high visibility flagship products and programs at multi-billion dollar high technology companies including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and Quantum.

Rob lives in San Carlos in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, 3 kids, and dog, and when not working is mostly driving his family to various sporting events.

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