Geographical location of the data center is among the most important determining factors in data center selection, especially when it comes to the cloud. NetApp is pleased to announce that in addition to the U.S. data center, Cloud Control customers can now choose Europe and ANZ when registering for the service. Choosing the right data center for storing their backup data ensures that customers’ data is in the appropriate physical location to address data protection rules and privacy regulations.


NetApp Cloud Control is one of the few data protection SaaS services that provides multiregion options and covers all major regions including North America, Europe, and ANZ, making the service available to customers around the globe.

Why is the Geographical Location of the Data Center Important?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Most organizations want to limit geographic regions based on governing rules and regulations.
  • If a majority of the data resides in a single geographic location, the closest data center yields the best performance.
  • Foreign governments and customer contractual requirements can be major concerns.

Cloud services like Cloud Control, with multiregional features, help customers comply with data sovereignty requirements. Cloud Control also protects data from transmission through any country that has nothing to do with the data, offering protection from data hijackers. Also, having regional data centers in the United States, Europe, and ANZ decreases latency times and increases efficiency for backing up, restoring, and exporting data for customers in those regions.


Watch this video about Cloud Control multiregion support.


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Niyaz Mohamed

Niyaz Mohamed aka Nimo is the Senior Solutions Architect in the Cloud Business Unit at NetApp. He has over 11 years of experience in the IT industry and joined NetApp in 2011 from Microsoft. He helps drive the product design, roadmap, strategy and customer experience for Cloud Control, NetApp’s SaaS Data management service.