Anthony Lye educates on the facts of NetApp's cloud data services

In these uncertain times, where the world finds itself in sheltered conditions, it’s critical that accurate information flow freely between customers, partners, and even competitors.


After reading a recent article in Channel Reseller News (of which I am a fan), I found myself very disappointed with an interview with Charles Giancarlo, the CEO of Pure Storage. His responses showed a lack of understanding about NetApp’s leadership and the excellent progress that our Cloud Data Services unit has made—across the major cloud providers.


Because I have been a CEO on two occasions myself, I know how hard it is to stay current—to operate on factual information instead of hearsay. At times like these, I feel it’s especially important to avoid propagating inaccurate information.


Let’s look at the facts:


The article stated that NetApp Cloud Data Services’ offerings on public clouds were file only.

INCORRECT: NetApp provides both block and file on all three public clouds; thousands of customers use these services.


The article stated that we provided our storage only on custom hardware.

INCORRECT: We run our industry-leading storage software on all media types in the three public clouds. AWS, Azure, and Google customers self-select the underlying media.


The article stated that we are not native to the public cloud.

INCORRECT: In fact, Azure NetApp Files is an Azure first-party service for migrating and running the most demanding enterprise file-workloads in the cloud, including databases, SAP, and high-performance computing applications, with no changes to code. Every single day, we onboard 10 new customers. Only NetApp is native to Azure—and its data centers, console and API. How much more native can you get?


NetApp and Google Cloud have also partnered to offer Cloud Volumes Service, a fully managed, cloud-native data service that provides advanced data management.


The article states that NetApp only focuses on tier-two applications and services.

INCORRECT: We have made strides with SAP HANA, database, and HPC workloads, which aren’t secondary workloads. But we’re happy to help customers in the tier-two space too, since our competitors insist.  #weloveallworkloads


We have several benchmarks and customers that backup our facts. I encourage you to read these resources to learn more:


We are in uncertain times. It is not a time to let misinformation run rampant. Reach out if you want to learn more about the great things NetApp is doing as cloud storage and data service specialists. At the end of the day— disinformation aside—I am excited that our competition is taking notice of our success.


Stay well.

Anthony Lye

Throughout his 27-year career, Lye has held a diverse range of senior leadership roles at companies ranging from 10-person firms to large multi-nationals. He has managed all aspects of business operations, including full responsibility for P&L, development and product management, direct and partner sales leadership, with hands-on experience building applications and working with developers skilled in AWS, Azure and His background includes leading teams in both North America and Europe, with extensive international travel to Asia and South America.

Prior to his role as EVP and chief cloud officer at Guidewire Software, he served as president & CEO for HotSchedules, a vertical cloud company building applications for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. He was previously the global president of Digital Platforms, Customer Relationship Management and channels at Publicis, the world’s largest digital agency. He was also senior vice president and general manager of Oracle’s CRM and Customer Experience, and earlier in his career, held senior leadership positions at Siebel Systems and Remedy Corporation.

Lye earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with honors from the University of Bath in Bath, United Kingdom. He serves on the board of Spoken Communications and is an investor in both startups and venture funds

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