FlexPod for 3D Graphics Visualization Demo at Cisco Live Europe 2018

At Cisco Live Europe, we held a session about 3D graphics visualization and how you can consolidate all the apps that run on workstations today in your data center. This demo was also one of the top ones at our booth at Cisco Live.


In this blog post, I want to share with you a short summary of the session about FlexPod® for 3D graphics visualization. Our guest speaker, Chris O’Brien from Cisco, opened with a short intro about FlexPod and why it is the platform of choice when customers are considering converged infrastructure. Just to summarize, FlexPod is about proven performance, proven agility and proven value.


Next, Chris described the challenges of the infrastructure based on distributed workstations. These challenges include:

  • High-performance and high-resolution workstations
  • Limited collaboration features
  • Data security
  • Being tied to the workplace
  • Technology refreshes and patch management
  • Maintenance costs

Now Cisco and NetApp have a solution based on FlexPod that can help overcome all of these challenges. The key benefits of this new solution are:

  • Extends 3D visualization to engineers, specialists, and other coworkers wherever they happen to be: local, in a remote office, or in the field
  • Incorporates leading technologies from NetApp, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, Mechdyne, and NVIDIA in an integrated solution that’s fast and easy to deploy
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and enhances geographical collaboration to decrease time to decision
  • Keeps valuable datasets inside the data center, where they are protected and secure
  • Lowers TCO by decreasing reliance on expensive, difficult-to-maintain desktop workstations and increasing utilization of software licenses
  • Increases user productivity by providing ubiquitous fast access to data and applications

There are multiple use cases for this new solution. The five most common are:

  • Oil and gas. Follow-the-sun engineering and collaboration for P&E such as Schlumberger Petrel; geosystemic applications
  • Manufacturing. CAD/CAE; product lifecycle management software such as CATIA, SolidWorks, and Siemens PLM NX
  • Healthcare. MRI, PET, and CT image analysis
  • Media. Ability to show customers animations and bring remote artistic expertise
  • ISPs. 3D desktop as a service, video rendering, manufacturing, telemedicine, collaboration, and more

Get More Information

If you missed the session or didn’t make it to Barcelona, I suggest reading FlexPod Engineering Workspace.


You can also watch the summary video, which was created at Cisco Live.


Christian Lorentz

Christian has held a variety of positions as System Engineer, Consultant, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager for Digital Equipment, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Riverbed. Christian joined NetApp in 2015, as Sr Product and Solution Marketing Manager for EMEA , and has over 20 years’ experience in the networking and storage arena.

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