The A-Team is a group of Data Visionaries that share a passion for all things tech, in particular, NetApp. As a member of the NetApp A-Team, I have been honored with the invitation to contribute to the roadmap of NetApp’s #DataDriven solutions.


We are experiencing a transformation in data use and delivery. Governments, companies, and individuals are using automation and decision-making applications that are based on data that has not been available before. It is a privilege to participate in the journey of data innovation that will impact the future of how we consume and share information.


I started my IT career while attending Stanford University. I have held advanced positions in IT at companies like Adobe Systems Incorporated, Celera Genomics, and NetApp. I currently work as the Sr. Director of Information Technology at Pacific Biosciences. Throughout my years in IT, my first love has always been solution architecture, which requires multiple disciplines. My first experience with NetApp was a FAS960 in 2002 at Celera Genomics. You might remember them as the company that sequenced the human genome. I remember my initial login experience, which was a blend between the Auspex fileservers that we managed at Adobe and a Cisco CLI that everyone in IT at the time was accustomed to. The FAS960 was a workhorse for us and an amazing piece of engineering. Today, NetApp continues to deliver the business transforming solutions that allow us to draw data-driven pictures that provide insights into our business.


At Pacific Biosciences, we build genomic DNA sequencers. These sequencers offer the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes, including the full spectrum of genetic variation. We do this by providing the longest average read lengths, highest consensus accuracy, and most uniform coverage of any sequencing technology on the market today. We realize 70% year-over-year genomic data growth. Analyzing and managing genomic data through the data lifecycle is core to our business.


ONTAP provides a scale-up and scale-out platform, with rich data management features and storage tiers, that serves our global namespace and our business. To exploit our data growth, we integrated solutions from Komprise, a NetApp partner, that helps us automate and manage our massive data sets and close the gap between users and the business.


It has been an amazing journey to transform our storage platform to be a platform for our data. It has been a cooperative effort by many data visionaries and integrated solutions. I am honored to be a member of the NetApp A-Team and to help shape future data solutions. This comes at a time where data is changing our world and our lives. Our interface to data for data-driven decisions has introduced new services vectors for IT to be a critical and trusted partner to the business. These new vectors have driven projects in Pacific Biosciences IT where we are leveraging data in all systems through iPaaS application integration, business intelligence, and AI. These projects provide new views and insights into our data, which enable our business and give us the tools we need to change the world.


Jay Smestad

Jay Smestad is a senior IT Leader at Pacific Biosciences. He moved from the California foothills to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University, where he studied Management of Information Systems. He proceeded to lead and work in solutions integration and management of upscale environments in organizations such as Stanford, Adobe Systems, Celera Genomics, and NetApp. In his free time, you will likely find Jay up to his eyeballs in home improvement projects.