With Google Next London just around the corner, it a great time to look at the bigger picture of where technology is heading and the strategies organisations can adopt to succeed in this rapidly changing society. Of all the anonyms beloved by business consultants, possibly the most important for information technology is KISS.


Originally coined by the US Navy in the 1960’s, the principle of “Keep It Simple Stupid / Straightforward” (KISS) suggests systems work best if they avoid overcomplication.  For developers, this often means reusable code, adherence to open standards and development on powerful platforms such as Google Cloud.

Overcoming complexity

However, when you talk to cloud developers and data scientists, and we have; the biggest challenge is often managing data complexity. Many of these new scenarios are based around migration from an existing legacy app or reliance on vast amounts of historic or streamed data that is not designed for object-based cloud storage environments.


Today, data management has overtaken security as the most cited hurdle to cloud transformation. The fundamental reasons are twofold. The first is that data and storage technologies need to span both cloud and legacy platforms which requires a higher level of specialist expertise. Secondly; data, networking and storage are often separate functions, delivered by disparate teams and technologies spread across the organisation.


The ideal solution would be to embed advanced data management technology directly inside the cloud and that is exactly what the partnership between NetApp® and Google® has achieved with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The partnership is based around a KISS approach with everything integrated within a fully managed service that has no infrastructure to configure, patch or upgrade that is offered on a GB per month pricing model, purchased and billed as a regular GCP invoice.

Partnership benefits

The result is a that developers can instantly create data workspaces of any size and performance profile that support multi-protocol NFS and SMB workloads including advanced features such as snapshots, rapid copies and data synchronisation that are initiated, literally, with a few clicks. All the complexity is removed into the service layer with level 1 support managed by Google Cloud team as part of a pay-as-you-go model. Simple!

Cloud-native simplicity

The first set of customer workloads already benefiting from NetApp Cloud Volumes Service include Genome Sequencing, Database, Streaming, Web Content Management, Rendering and Big Data Analytics. And at Google Next London, you get the opportunity to test drive Cloud Volumes Service first-hand along with access to experts from NetApp and Google to showcase its capabilities. Our activities across the event also include:

  • Short demonstrations in our mini-theatre to highlight the ease of use of Cloud Volumes
  • Technical teams on hand to answer even the most obscure questions or if you just want more information
  • Drop by and pick up exclusive NetApp swags, Cloud Volumes T-shirt, or to enter one of our competitions to win a Google home mini
  • For a deeper dive, then please join us at our Cloud Talk: ‘Introducing file services on NetApp Cloud Volumes’ on the 11th of October at 11.15am in the Theatre
  • Attendees are also invited to schedule a VIP meeting with one of NetApp’s senior leaders to discuss how we can help your organisation benefit from Cloud Services. Are you interested? Request your meeting right now!

We look forward to welcoming you to Google Next London to share in our vision. The list of features and benefits offered by Cloud Volumes through the partnership between NetApp and Google Cloud are numerous but the biggest one is that we both share a desire to KISS – which we think might turn into a true cloud love affair.


Finally, if you can’t wait then why not experience the sheer performance and simplicity of Cloud Volumes Service for yourself.


More information on Cloud Volumes Service, along with details of our other cloud-native services can be found by visiting cloud.netapp.com or www.netapp.com

Martin Warren

Martin Warren is EMEA Cloud Solutions Manager at NetApp. Based in the UK, Martin has many years of experience working in data protection, data storage, virtualization, cloud, big data and networks. In his current role, Martin is responsible for NetApp’s EMEA cloud strategy and solutions with a focus on driving business growth and aligning NetApp’s cloud offering with customer and partner demand.

Martin is a specialist in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, including the aspects of data storage and data management. He provides advice to businesses on the advantages and impact of different cloud and data storage solutions, helping them to meet their goals. In addition, Martin is a subject matter expert on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prior to joining NetApp, Martin held positions at Symantec, Sun and StorageTek. He also worked at IT service delivery and consultancy companies Misys and 4Front Services, advising businesses on adopting IT services specifically from a blended approach.

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