November was Career Development Month according to the National Career Development Association (NCDA). Although this organization focuses on supporting and inspiring people who are still in school, I especially like the theme of this year’s brochure: “Using careers to break barriers, empower lives, and achieve equity.” It sounds like a great plan!


A thoughtful plan for your career can break down barriers and improve your chances of advancement, along with better compensation. More compensation can give you upward mobility. Over time, you build your professional equity, the combination of your accumulated job skills, expertise, and experience, along with your reputation and the relationships that you have developed.


As a partner-first company, NetApp continues to empower partners like you to be successful. How can we better enable you in your career as far as the sale, implementation, and support of NetApp® based solutions? We view this effort as a continuous journey.


The journey starts with great onboarding. The NetApp Partner Enablement Guide functions as a comprehensive onboarding tool if you are new to NetApp as a partner. In the guide, you will find everything from a welcome to a channel strategy overview, how to get started, how to engage, and ultimately how to win. Use the newest, streamlined version of the Enablement Guide as a launchpad into role-based enablement content on the Partner Hub. There, you can find marketing, sales, and technical messaging and tools that help you have productive, consultative conversations with prospects and customers. Use the Enablement Guide to get started quickly with NetApp.


It continues with excellent enablement. The global NetApp GetSuccessful™ Partner Enablement Program empowers channel partners like you to successfully position and sell NetApp solutions. This program uses a “learn your way” approach, with resources such as videos, online events, channel playbooks, Lunch & Learn sessions, and workshops. Check out a recent example of an enablement tool that helps you stay current with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), which is quickly shaping business possibilities everywhere. Listen to the NetApp podcast that’s dedicated to growing your business with analytics and AI, and learn how to help your customers take full advantage of these powerful new technologies.


It endures with the latest information and ongoing education. The NetApp Partner Academy is a regularly scheduled educational networking event that takes place in most major cities and in other regional locations around the world. Through the Partner Academy, we continue to engage with partners like you in the long-running cloud story. We bring you up to date on what’s new in the industry and how it affects the outcomes that customers want. You also learn how you can meet these customer demands with the NetApp portfolio. Attend a local Partner Academy event in your area to:

  • Foster relationships with the NetApp sales and technical team.
  • Gain meaningful opportunities to connect with peers and with the larger partner ecosystem.
  • Develop new relationships that promote fresh ideas and that generate leads and new business opportunities.

As Tom Peters, a renowned writer on business management practices and coauthor of In Search of Excellence, says, “Excellence comes from human beings doing things of value that customers find valuable.” As you grow and succeed, so do your customers. You can then empower them to achieve new things and to increase both their personal and their organizational equity.


And most important, as Tom Peters adds, “There is no such thing as an insignificant improvement.” It all counts.


Start your journey to success today. Check out the resources in the Partner Enablement Guide and the Partner Hub, and sign up for a Partner Academy event near you.

Kelly Brady

Kelly Brady has over 20 years of experience in the high-tech computer industry. Her experience includes leading strategic channel initiatives, channel product adoption, and enablement strategy, and designing and executing partner programs. At NetApp, Kelly leads the channel messaging and communication strategy; strategic alliance marketing, including the development and execution of go-to-market plans; and the development, execution, and measurement of customer marketing campaigns. She has received several Employee Excellence Awards for professional achievement at companies such as Hyperion Solutions, BEA Systems, and Adobe. Kelly also held a Board of Directors seat for the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Silicon Valley/NorCal chapter for 2 years.