Tasting Software

Wouldn’t it be great if trying out applications was like going to Costco and tasting all the food samples―for free?


If only it was that simple to try software, to be able to test it with no risk and no investment. And better yet, you could also save your work and leverage it if you decide to buy and deploy the trial application.


Often, not trying out software beforehand can leave you with a less-than-optimal solution that doesn’t integrate, doesn’t meet your expectations, and has expensive consequences. And, worse, sometimes new applications are chosen and purchased by someone in another department without your input. And that person doesn’t have a clue about your complex environment, the deficiencies that you need to address, and how much you have done to bring it all together and to simplify.

Get in The Driver’s Seat

When it comes to a new data management application, you have lots of things to consider. Your questions start with, “Will this thing even work?” That question leads to, “Is it compatible? Will it complement or complicate? Do I have the bandwidth to learn a new tool? What if I can’t code on it?” And those considerations become more amplified in cloud infrastructures.


Cloud infrastructures have raised the bar on expectations for IT. Architects are constantly searching for new ways to deploy faster, to eliminate bottlenecks, to increase operational efficiency, and to drive business. Cloud infrastructures must scale, deliver high performance to multiple workloads, and automate.


NetApp can help. Today, with NetApp® Element® software, cloud architects can simplify and automate data management at scale for cloud infrastructures. But you don’t have to take my word for it; you can try it for yourself, for free. And you can leverage your work if you decide to purchase the software.


But first, let me tell you how you can benefit from NetApp Element software.


With Element software, you get data management automation through scale-out flexibility and reliable application performance. You can easily build clouds to accelerate new services and:

  • Nondisruptively expand systems, with instant resource availability.
  • Deliver predictable performance to hundreds of applications on a single platform.
  • Drive your business forward with automated operational simplicity.
  • Provide flexible deployment models to fit your next-generation data center needs.

Element software delivers on automation by giving you superior scalability and predictable storage performance for cloud infrastructures. With this enterprise-scale software, you can increase business and simplify operations on a highly flexible and efficient cloud architecture. Integrated into the NetApp Data Fabric, Element software delivers flexibility not only to your infrastructure, but also to your data.

Take Control Today

Don’t wait for the next tool to be forced on you, be an influencer and own your destiny. To see the possibilities of Element software, download it today, run through some of the functionalities, and experience the automation firsthand. And unlike other simulators, you can actually code your APIs, save them, and transfer them when you deploy Element software.


The Element simulator is a software-only version of Element software 10.3 that is implemented as a VMware virtual machine. You get a rich simulated data management experience of the storage OS that is designed for NetApp HCI and SolidFire® technologies. The simulator illustrates many of the key storage features that Element software provides, and you or your developers can code APIs without the need for physical hardware.


The simulator is packaged as an OVA file for easy VMware deployment. For installation instructions, see the Element OS Demo Node Installation and Setup guide.


Give your development skills a break and try Element software today. Download the Element OS Demo Node and see for yourself how easy development in the cloud can be.

Cynthia Gutowski

Cyndi Gutowski is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp where she drives business agility through SolidFire and Element OS. With over 25 years in the storage industry she has held a variety of roles in the lab and as a Product Manager, Tech Marketing Manager, and Strategic Customer Manager for disk, flash, and software only solutions aimed at digital transformation. Prior to joining NetApp, Cyndi was the Technical Product Marketing and Strategic Customer Manager at Oracle responsible for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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