Software-defined…in the cloud…as-a-Service…sure that kind of bingo lingo could earn a few BS callouts, and certainly give you some quality cocktail party fodder, but what does it really mean? Why should you care about running data services in the cloud? Firstly, you get all the goodness of cloud flexibility allowing you to quickly and smoothly add resources as your needs change, but you also can easily replicate and backup your data, make fast and efficient copies and easily move data across sites. All of this helps accelerate your business, from developing and delivering new apps to drive revenue, to improving your customers and partner analytics, to more precise business planning and reporting.


In the real world, there is a need for both cloud-based solutions, on-premises solutions and the hybrid in-between, and it all must work together, seamlessly (I know you’ve never heard that expression before…). Two leading innovators in cloud and data management, NetApp and IBM, are partnering to deliver just that. With the software defined storage platform NetApp ONTAP Select, and IBM Cloud infrastructure, you can extend your existing on-premises IT with your IBM Cloud. DevOps, hybrid integration, cognitive analytics solutions can all benefit from this Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach. Bare-metal servers dedicated to you run in IBM’s Cloud and use NetApp’s advanced data management and protection capabilities such as Snapshot copies, FlexClone volumes and SnapMirror replication. And our top concern, as is yours, is the security of your data. With ONTAP Select on IBM Cloud your IaaS resources are dedicated, not shared. You know where your data resides, you have full control over it and you own the data encryption keys.


And when can you get it? As soon as you’re ready. Configuring the resources to your requirements, setting up the payment method and getting a complete system up and running can all transpire in a matter of hours. If this has your interest piqued, you can learn more and try the solution out on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

Andy Scholl

Andy Scholl is a senior product marketing manager for NetApp ONTAP Select based in Sunnyvale, CA. He is responsible for marketing for NetApp’s Software Defined Storage. He is passionate about new technologies and helping facilitate the dialogue between customers, end users and the people who are developing innovative solutions to meet their business and IT needs. Prior to NetApp, Andy held roles in product management, portfolio marketing and program management in global roles based in the US and in Europe.