Previously, companies had two choices for their IT environments. They could run everything themselves, or they could partner with a managed service provider, which would host and manage all or part of the infrastructure and apps for those companies.


As companies begin moving their applications and workloads to the cloud, they have several options available. One of these options is managed private cloud, also known as hosted private cloud. Managed private cloud is where a partner or service provider delivers all the benefits of traditional managed hosting, including cost reduction, customization, faster enablement, and dedicated infrastructure, then enhances that with cloud’s rapid self-service provisioning, user dashboards, better flexibility, and larger scale. It works well for many of the same use cases as enterprise private cloud, targeting traditional enterprise applications, but it saves the company from of having to support all these things itself.


A new program from Cisco and NetApp is combining the benefits of a managed private cloud solution with the industry’s leading converged infrastructure, FlexPod®. We have partnered with a few of the largest FlexPod delivery and management experts across the globe to bring the FlexPod Managed Private Cloud offering to our customers. These delivery partners can now bring a fully managed, dedicated, private cloud infrastructure to customers anywhere in the world. It allows the enterprise customer to maintain ownership of the infrastructure and data, while reducing the organizational management burden.


This approach is much more than remotely managed FlexPod. It is a robust managed private cloud offering with the look and feel of a public cloud service. Our delivery partners have integrated cloud management platforms that provide rapid self-service provisioning, customer portals, and real-time dashboards, as shown in the following graphic.


Our goal with this program was to offer our enterprise customers more options as they continue their journey to full cloud adoption. If they want to deploy and manage all the infrastructure and applications themselves, they can continue to do so. If they prefer, they can instead adopt a hybrid model in which they manage their data center workloads while having a partner provide installation and management of infrastructure in field locations. Or maybe their aim is to get out of infrastructure management altogether as part of their cloud strategy. FlexPod Managed Private Cloud addresses all of these needs and enables enterprise IT staff to put their time and focus into higher value areas for their business.


The FlexPod Managed Private Cloud program is launching next week at Cisco Live, with general availability dates anticipated from early delivery partners by early fall 2018. Dimension Data, ePlus, Proact, and Microland are the partners with which we are working initially to bring these offerings to market. We will be working with others later this year.

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To find out more about the program, FlexPod, or how to get in touch with a FlexPod Managed Private Cloud delivery partner, feel free to reach out to me directly.

John McAuley

John McAuley is a Sr. Product Manager with NetApp who is helping to bring the NetApp Data Fabric vision to reality for our customers and partners, working closely with them to build full-stack converged solutions utilizing technologies from NetApp and our technology partners. He has over 20 years of industry experience with much of that time spent in the service provider and cloud provider space. He has specific expertise in helping providers build out their service catalogs and bring as-a-Service offerings to their customers in a way that is easily deployable, scalable, consumable, and economically viable. John is based in the RTP, NC area where he resides with his wife of 22 years and their six children.

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