NetApp continues to help enterprise IT departments simplify their digital transformation in the cloud by expanding our collaboration with Google Cloud. Once you decide to move your workloads to the Google Compute Engine, NetApp® solutions are here to help bridge the gap between your data center and the cloud by giving you common control of your data across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.


We are working closely with Google Cloud to bring our enterprise-grade data services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These services include everything from data efficiency and data protection to common management of your data across locations — and doing it all with the efficiency you expect in your own data center.


Google Cloud Platform brings the benefit of a flexible cloud infrastructure, including:

  • Security. Google Cloud’s private network provides end-to-end encryption for data in flight and at rest, as well as optimized security against third-party threats.
  • Performance. Lightning fast and scalable — fast VM startup time, submillisecond access, high IOPS for VCPUs, high-bandwidth global networking.
  • Privacy compliance. Meet data privacy requirements by retaining control of where your data lives and how it is used.
  • Cloud mandate compliance. Meet industry-standard cloud mandate requirements. 

With the addition of GCP Dedicated Interconnect, customers can bring their hybrid infrastructure to the cloud via a dedicated high-speed, low-latency connection to Google Compute Engine. This means that businesses will have access to NetApp data services in GCP via NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud. NPS for Cloud will bring high-availability, enhanced performance and storage efficiency to the cloud via an Equinix cloud-connected colocation data center to address use cases ranging from development and test environments to business-critical production workloads:

  • Analytics and big data. Democratize the use of data to multiply the benefits – starting with your data warehouse.
  • Dev test and CI/CD. Speed up your application development and deployment with infrastructure on demand.
  • Disaster recovery and data archiving. The speed of disk, the cost of tape, all connected with Google’s high-speed network, for a cost-effective business continuity strategy.
  • High-value, compute-intensive workloads. High-performance computing on demand.

NPS support for Google Compute Engine is here to help you with your data-driven strategies. We are bringing a host of targeted data services to market to simplify your transformation to the hybrid cloud.


Visit to learn more about how NetApp Private Storage can help you maintain control over your data in the cloud.


Jeff Whitaker

I am a cloud solutions manager at NetApp focusing on all things cloud, from AWS and Azure cloud services to enterprise data management solutions. I have been with NetApp for going on nine years working on strategic solutions that are transforming storage. I managed NetApp’s first software only storage solution which has grown into a core component of our cloud and software defined storage strategy. With the growth and popularity of the cloud, I took on marketing activities with AWS and Azure and have been driving cloud solutions for over three years.

I built a foundation of experience with over 20 years in engineering, sales and marketing roles. Prior to NetApp, I worked at startups and large institutions in the networking and semiconductor technology markets. Outside of work, I’m an outdoor aficionado and spend a good amount of time racing off-road motorcycles, camping and fishing.