Got containers on your brain but worried about how you’ll support your stateful applications?


Introducing Trident – the fully automated persistent storage provisioner for Red Hat OpenShift! With Trident, you no longer have to worry about long lead times to provision storage for your container applications. Trident grabs your persistent volume claims and will automatically map your request to the appropriate class of storage—on the fly! If you haven’t checked out Trident yet, here’s the top five reasons you should, David Letterman style!


Drumroll please…

Reason #1 – Don’t Fight it, the Future is Here!

Are there any non-believers out there? Whether you plan to lift & shift monolithic apps, refactor legacy apps or deploy could-native apps, containers are the way to do it. If your company is holding back because of concerns for storage and a trusted containers platform…wait no more.

Reason #2 – OpenShift + Trident Persistent Storage for Containers = Marriage Made in Heaven

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Native integration with OpenShift makes Trident an indispensable solution. With this fearsome twosome, you can deploy stateful applications with ease and know that a sophisticated engine that orchestrates your storage (Trident) is in full harmony with your PaaS platform (OpenShift).

Reason #3 – Open Source, Open Standards, and FREE!

Whether you use OpenShift, Kubernetes or Docker for containers, Trident has got you covered. In the case of OpenShift and Kubernetes, Trident users can benefit from its native integration with the orchestrator; hence, providing a robust and agile container to Persistent Volume (PV) relationship.

Reason #4 – More Automation, Less Work for the Admin

Dynamic storage provisioning lets DevOps deploy stateful applications in containers, via Kubernetes or Docker without getting grilled by the storage admins, having to justify why they need a volume that big! At the same time, storage admins can set limits and maintain control points in the spirit of “trust but verify”.

Reason #5 – Trident is Universally loved

What’s not to love? Developers love it and admins love it. There’s something for everybody when Trident is deployed in your OpenShift, Kubernetes or Docker environment.


Want to learn more? Check out Trident on GitHub at You can also find more information about Trident for OpenShift by visiting

Pete Brey

With 13 years of experience in the storage and cloud industries, Pete Brey brings to NetApp visionary and deep expertise across a variety of roles ranging from engineering and product management to product and solution marketing and sales enablement. Pete has led the development and delivery of innovative OpenStack cloud storage solutions for a variety of use cases which built upon Cinder and Swift OpenStack storage API’s, as well as Ceph. Pete has also successfully delivered and marketed OpenStack PaaS solutions.

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