In today’s economy, data is the world’s most valuable resource. It’s the lifeblood of organizations, and it is your most valuable asset. Enterprises that are positioned to gain the greatest insights from data will decide the future.


Welcome to the world of the hybrid cloud. Organizations that take advantage of hybrid cloud storage improve customer experiences, share key insights with stakeholders, and identify growth opportunities into new markets.


What can the hybrid cloud services do for you? Here are five ways to unleash the power of your most valuable assetyour datain the hybrid cloud.

1. Control and Secure Your Most Valuable Asset

It’s impossible to gain insights from information that you don’t know that you have. In a hybrid cloud environment, you can easily keep your data visible and accessible without losing security. You can establish full data visibility across multiple clouds, and you can implement data protection policies that extend beyond your data center boundaries. With a hybrid cloud environment, you can control and secure your data, wherever it lives.

2. Access and Share New Data Insights

Infrastructure analytics and machine learning work across hybrid cloud environments to help you better understand your data. These data insights include performance, capacity, and availability of each dataset. With this kind of visibility into your organization’s data, you can:

  • Decrease troubleshooting time.
  • Optimize resources and reduce capital expenditures and operational expenditures.
  • Manage costs.
  • Implement showback and chargeback reporting.

Data visibility and insight go hand in hand. With integrated data management in a hybrid cloud environment, your organization can eliminate data bottlenecks and share insights to drive new business opportunities and growth.

3. Accelerate Application Delivery and Embrace Digital Transformation

Many enterprises are turning to DevOps as the best way to deliver new software features, services, and applications more quickly and with higher quality. Hybrid cloud environments facilitate DevOps practices by simplifying data services and by connecting your data, in the cloud or on the premises. By bringing developer and operations teams together, DevOps can reduce friction and put your company on a path to continuous integration and seamless delivery.

4. Empower Employees to Make Data-Driven Decisions

In a hybrid cloud environment, your organization can place data where it provides the greatest value, whether it’s a corporate data center, a production facility, a public cloud, or at a cloud service provider. A hybrid cloud also enables you to move data easily as your requirements change. With integrated and accessible data, employees at every level can make data-driven decisions. Working with data in a hybrid cloud environment is all about maximizing the value of the data. That means improving the customer experience, making information more accessible to stakeholders, and identifying opportunities that lead to new markets and new customers.

5. Accelerate Innovation

When your data is mapped and accessible in a hybrid cloud environment, your employees can discover new ways of looking at data to improve performance management, gain new business intelligence, and spot potential customers. Your company can move quickly to advance new ideas from concept to production while reacting faster to market changes. With your data connected through the hybrid cloud, you’re strategically positioned to unleash your data and to grow your business.


NetApp® hybrid cloud data services enable you to put your data-centric vision into practice so that you can respond faster to market changes and can rapidly advance new ideas from concept to production. We can help you transform your data into a strategic asset so that you can advance your business and change the world with data.


To learn more about how you can unleash the power of a hybrid cloud, visit and download our whitepaper: Master Your Hybrid Cloud.

Michael Grant

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