In the age of digital transformation, organizations are moving to cloud solutions and services faster than ever before. And as cloud services grow alongside enterprises, IDC reports that successful IT organizations must also evolve and adapt to manage data and applications across multiple clouds. Organizations with existing on-premises environments often choose a hybrid cloud approach, connecting on-premises data with cloud storage solutions.


With so much connected data in a hybrid cloud environment, you have access to powerful data and can make data-driven business decisions. But exactly how can you gain new insights within your hybrid cloud?


Here are four strategies to help you gain insight from your hybrid cloud data infrastructure.

Maintain the “Right” Data Placement

If your organization uses a hybrid cloud, IDC highlights the “right” data placement as being critical to comply with regulatory mandates, to meet application response time, and to optimize infrastructure costs. In many cases, you must keep certain datasets within their respective countries of origin, or you must be able to move other datasets from one location to another. In either case, all your customers who access data, regardless of location, need the same seamless customer experience. By dispersing data correctly, your organization can provide faster data access for customers around the world.


And with the “right” data placement, hybrid cloud environments can provide data and data insights faster, without violating global regulations or creating content siloes.

Develop a Holistic Picture of All Your Workloads and Data

To gain insight into your hybrid cloud environment, you need to have a complete picture of the workloads and the datasets within that environment. IDC suggests building “data maps,” which include your data, key owners, security requirements, sensitivity levels, data sources, and any other key metrics to meet your organization’s needs.


When your organization has this holistic picture, you can measure data as part of a whole set. You can also manage workloads and identify data trends that might have been siloed in the past. When all your data has been measured together as part of a larger map, you can discover new insights, identify new opportunities, and make data-driven business decisions.

Understand the Real Costs of Your Service Options

Along with your holistic picture of workloads and data, you need to understand the real costs of your service options. What up-front costs are required? What hidden costs might be exposed later? What’s the TCO over time, and does it match the value of your data?


Cloud solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and your organization can create an environment that’s based on your needs, without added cost. As you create your hybrid cloud strategy, consider your existing costs and evaluate what options you have as you move data into your cloud environment.

Embrace AI and Machine Learning

Forward-thinking organizations recognize that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the future of cloud data storage and management. A cloud environment with AI learns from the data that it gathers, makes predictions, and troubleshoots potential problems before they occur. IDC predicts that in the future, AI will drive self-configurable and self-healing infrastructures, enabling systems to dramatically reduceor even eliminatehuman errors.


You can also use AI and machine learning to seamlessly move data between an on-premises infrastructure and a cloud environment. In a hybrid cloud environment, seamless movement, accessibility, and connectivity are crucial. With AI attached to a hybrid cloud, your organization can manage and control data like never before.

Start Gaining More Data Insight Today

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