NetApp® HCI continues to deliver features and capabilities that simplify your data center operations and ensure that your company’s most valuable asset, your data, is secure.


Just a few months ago, we introduced SnapMirror® support for NetApp Element® software,  enabling data replication across the NetApp Data Fabric. The ability to replicate Snapshot™ copies at volume granularity across the NetApp portfolio from Element software to ONTAP® software excited the industry and left NetApp customers craving more capabilities for the Data Fabric. We are excited to share just a few of the new capabilities that are strengthening our data protection story. Because these capabilities are made possible at the software level, both NetApp HCI and SolidFire infrastructures will benefit from Element 10.3.


Today, the NetApp Data Fabric allows increased mobility via SnapMirror® between Element 10.3 and ONTAP 9.4 software. SnapMirror, a mature technology that offers block-level data replication and a rich feature set, can migrate new volumes originating in ONTAP back to your NetApp HCI or SolidFire system, once that infrastructure comes back online, or online for the first time. ONTAP Select is also certified as a SnapMirror target with this release.


Although it was initially built into Element software as disaster recovery option, SnapMirror now becomes a tool to migrate data, giving you the opportunity to move your virtual, demanding, and unpredictable workloads to NetApp HCI. Using SnapMirror across NetApp products will help you modernize your IT infrastructure while building clouds to accelerate new services.

More agility while your data remains protected

With Element 10.3, the SnapMirror supported fan-in ratio has grown by 8x, allowing 32 different clusters running Element software to replicate to a single ONTAP cluster. This use case is ideal for customers who are leveraging ONTAP products in the central data center, who want to leverage NetApp HCI in smaller or remote offices, and whose data is connected over the Data Fabric. Element 10.3 also meets FIPS 140-2 level 1 for management traffic, certifying NetApp’s built-in security standards.


Are you spending too much time managing your infrastructure? NetApp Managed Services now extends into your hyper converged environment, providing support to your IT department. NetApp Managed Services can monitor, alert, triage, resolve, patch, and upgrade both your hypervisor and Element software running on NetApp HCI. They will even integrate your new VMware environment with your existing environment. Learn more about NetApp HCI Managed Services.


Check out this video to watch Tim Doering, senior product manager, demonstrate how simple it is to deploy, scale, and use NetApp HCI.

Ashley Hemmen

Ashley is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp. She creates business and technical content for NetApp’s cloud infrastructure products enabled by Element software, namely SolidFire and NetApp HCI. When she is not behind her computer, Ashley loves the Colorado outdoors, beaches, adventures, and chocolate chip cookies.