The latest update to the NetApp® Virtual Storage Console is now available for NetApp ONTAP® customers to download for their VMware environments. A handful of new features give the VM administrator increased visibility and additional management controls. The key features of the release include Maximum QoS Support, a dashboard view for Virtual Volumes (VVols) based VMs, a high-availability model for the VASA provider, and VVols 2.0 certification.


One key benefit to using VVols is the ability to discretely attach storage to the individual virtual machine. Now available with VSC 7.1, the ONTAP Maximum Quality of Service feature can be assigned to the VVol. When creating a storage capability in the storage policy, you can now select a Max QoS to be assigned with the policy. This means that a VM with that storage policy is limited in the amount of performance it consumes, thereby limiting its ability to become a noisy neighbor.


Once you’re using the VVols model and providing storage to each VM, you need  to know what’s happening. How are the VVols being used? Which VMs using VVols are using the most storage? The VSC 7.1 dashboard was designed to deliver more reporting on how VVols are being used by VMs and the underlying VVols datastores. The dashboard now shows the top VMs and top datastores, giving you specific insight into how VVols are being consumed in your environment.


To improve operational consistency with VVols, the VASA provider that is delivered with VSC can now be delivered in a high-availability configuration. In addition to an HA configuration using the vCenter failover, NetApp has added a watchdog process that monitors all three VSC services. If a process fails for any reason, it is restarted automatically when the failure is detected. The combination of the watchdog process and a fault-tolerant failover copy helps to ensure that the VASA provider and VSC components keep your environment connected and running.

Download VSC 7.1 Now

Our VMware customers are important to us, and the NetApp engineering team continues to build new features into the Virtual Storage Console to improve your experience. VSC 7.1 is available to download now!

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Doug Chamberlain

Doug Chamberlain is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, joining the company through the acquisition of SolidFire. The last two decades of his career in technology have been in the storage industry, with product management and product marketing roles in tape, disk, flash, and storage software solutions. He holds a BS in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration. Prior to joining SolidFire, Doug was a Principal Product Manager at Oracle, responsible for the ZFS Storage Appliance.

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