I’m not a developer, but I am a technology geek. Several years at Microsoft running marketing for a whole bunch of cool products means that I not only respect my developer colleagues, I love hanging out with them.


Like me, they are fascinated by problems and getting to the root of making something better with software. Unlike me, they can actually invent stuff and turn it into reality.


Cloud has made the lives of my developer colleagues a whole lot easier. They can spin up test/dev sites in minutes and easily work and collaborate from anywhere. And when the cloud is Microsoft Azure (shameless plug, check out my tagline), it adds the security and regulatory compliance that enterprise application developers need.


Which is cool because it means that I can plan an off-road mountain-biking trip with a colleague who might have to check in on an application late on a Saturday night before we get ready to hit the road together the next morning.


Before cloud, he might have had to nix the whole trip. Work and play. Cloud makes integration of a balanced lifestyle a little bit easier.

Heavy, Slow-Moving Data

But there is a problem with this integration and balance. That problem is data.


Cloud makes everything fast and easy and simple. Data slows everything down and can make it clunky and difficult and expensive.


Which is why I love NetApp. NetApp is full of geeks like me. Men and women who spend their entire lives getting data to do things that data doesn’t always want to do. Like move – really, really fast (minutes instead of days or weeks). Or clone itself – sometimes hundreds of copies – with a zero footprint increase. Or compress into really small spaces [Honey, I shrunk the data], which of course slashes the cost of cloud storage and puts money back into the budget.

A Gift from Me

That brings me to the point of this blog post: NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Microsoft Azure. It’s this amazing cool product that will warp speed your data (when you need to move it) and have it doing things that you as a developer could only dream of.


So here’s my gift to you. 30 days of a free trial of Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Microsoft Azure. Try it now. It comes with an e-book (you can download it here).


Make your data do everything you want it to do. Fast, simple, easy.


NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Microsoft Azure. It’s as good as cloud gets.

Adam Carroll

Adam is the Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Cloud Solutions at NetApp where he is a passionate supporter of everything NetApp Cloud and how NetApp’s awesome and award-winning technology fits with Microsoft and makes life better for developers, architects and storage specialists. When Adam isn’t blogging (or promoting) NetApp and Microsoft, he is probably mountain biking or hanging out with his amazing family.

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