Enabling Datacenter Modernization and the Hybrid Cloud with NetApp HCI

What is HCI? We know that in our industry, the acronym stands for “hyper converged infrastructure.” But if we look to analysts for a true definition, the only thing that they agree on is that the HCI market is bigand that it’s getting bigger.


It’s well understood that hyper converged solutions provide easy-to-buy, simple-to-install infrastructure. But the features that made first-generation HCI solutions great are only the beginning. The real value of an HCI is in your data, not in the infrastructure. NetApp believes that HCI should be a private cloud stepping-stone to the public cloud. You pick how and where data and apps move, sync, and live, and you can change your mind when you need to.


So, what is the next generation of HCI? It’s an HCI that allows you to have a choice of cloud resources, both public and private. With next-generation, enterprise-scale HCI, you can be confident that you’re delivering predictable performance and that your diverse workloads are secure. Don’t stop at simple. Deliver a hyper converged solution that brings your enterprise vision to life.


But how do you find the right HCI solution? When you begin the search, it’s important to look for what matters most:

  • Simplicity
  • Reliable and predictable performance
  • Resources that you can count on
  • The ability to scale efficiently

The next generation of HCI can evolve, adapt, and support your needs and, the best part is, do so as your business changes and grows. The next generation of HCI is ready for you. Are you ready for HCI?


To learn more about HCI and all that it can offer, take a deeper look with the IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by NetApp, Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Enabling Datacenter Modernization and the Platform for Hybrid Cloud Environments. After you have learned the fundamentals, discover how NetApp® HCI can take you and your organization into the next generation with a cloud-architected infrastructure that manages data and services as one integrated resource.

Rob Klusman

Rob Klusman came to Netapp via the SolidFire acquisition, where he ran the America’s System Engineering team. Most recently Rob spent 5 years leading the Oracle Storage team. Rob’s career has spanned leading technology and services companies including Platinum Technology, Inc., Storage Networks Corporation, StorageTek, and Oracle with a continual focus on mission-critical systems. Rob graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Finance and lives in Boulder, CO. Rob is also an Eagle Scout.