Remember those days when your only choice to deploy infrastructure to store and use your data was on-premises – and it took months to get it deployed? From making the business case to getting the purchase request approved, then placing the order with a vendor, finding room in your data center, rack-and-stack, power, cooling – and then installation and configuration, software updates – the list goes on and on.


For those workloads that can’t wait for months (because, well, your competitors won’t just sit there and wait for you to catch up), cloud offers a new way to not only deploy applications much more quickly, but also to deploy the data infrastructure where your data is stored quickly and easily.


After all – without data – your applications are completely useless.


We call it NetApp Cloud Volumes, a native data infrastructure service that is integrated with the biggest hyperscalers and deploys in seconds. Now your applications have access to a data service that ensures your data is available – and fast.


With NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to setup your first volume. In fact, you can set up a 100TB volume in just 8 seconds! Watch the video below to learn how you can do the following:

  • Set up your first volume.
  • Get it mounted in your compute instance.
  • Move your data into the cloud and set it up so your data in the cloud and on-premises remain synchronized.
  • Quickly adjust the size of your volume – it’s so fast you better not blink while watching.


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Also, read Jonsi Stefansson’s blog to learn even more about NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS.

Ingo Fuchs

Ingo is a passionate technologist that has covered Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Training and Application Development in his career. He feels strongly about translating cool tech features to actual customer benefits – and beer, preferably German lagers. When not on the road he enjoys his time in the mountains west of Boulder, CO with his wife, dogs and horse.

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