In my previous blog, I talked about how to accelerate your data infrastructure deployments from months to seconds and provided a demo to show how this can be done. At the time, this was true for NFS-based applications.


Today I have great news to share – now this is true for Windows applications running on SMB as well! And yes, I said SMB, not CIFS – I’m working hard to re-teach my brain to no longer use CIFS…


Why is SMB support relevant? Well, I know from many conversations with customers that one of their biggest challenges – if not THE biggest challenge – when moving to a cloud model (whether hybrid, multi, or pure) is moving existing applications. This is a major headache for developers as well as they need to re-write existing applications to work in a cloud model instead of creating value by adding new features. Adding support for SMB in addition to NFS takes that pain away and makes it dead-simple to move and run your existing Linux and Windows file-based applications into the cloud.


But wait – there is more…


If you read my previous blog you already know that we offer Snapshots and rapid Cloning capabilities as well. And you can create a volume in seconds. And you can increase/decrease volume size in seconds. Now you can take that volume and share it between multiple NFS and SMB applications at the same time. No more data silos! No more manual/scripted movement of data!


All of your apps, all of your data, all in the same place at the same time!


Simple as that.


SMB support is available for select preview customers now and will roll out to production customers shortly. If you don’t use Cloud Volumes yet, sign up now!


See it in action below:



Want to know more about Cloud Volumes? Watch the full demo online.

Ingo Fuchs

Ingo is a passionate technologist that has covered Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Training and Application Development in his career. He feels strongly about translating cool tech features to actual customer benefits – and beer, preferably German lagers. When not on the road he enjoys his time in the mountains west of Boulder, CO with his wife, dogs and horse.

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